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How To Set A goal And Achieve It This Year.

Several years ago, in late 2002 after concluding my secondary school exams, I decided to start my own business. I got funds from my younger brother, attended several seminars where the business I wanted to start was being taught and with borrowed resources from some very good friends I started my first ever business – a Web design and development company.

That goal started as a desire. And that desire-turned-goal has catapaulted me to where I am currently particularly in business and life in general.

What is a goal?

What’s a goal? In simple terms its the ongoing pursuit of a worthy objective until you have accomplished it. A goal is desire fused with action. Its a target, a vision or mission you set for yourself, for others or which is set for you. It’s a new year and rather than set half-hearted new year resolutions you will give up on in a few weeks time. I challenge you to set a goal and create an action plan around achieving it.

Some examples of goals in life you can set include; getting a degree, starting a new business, losing weight, falling in love with the right person, etc.


Your goals can actually or should actually be divided into 7 major segments. Namely; Business and career, Health, Personal growth, Relationships, Financial, Social contribution and Fun and Leisure.

With the examples of goals displayed in the last two paragraphs above, you can see that you can split those goals into any of the segments I listed. Namely getting a degree can be a personal growth goal. Starting a new business can fall under Business and career. While Losing weight and falling in love can be segmented under Health and Relationship respectively.



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You need to know where you are going? Know what you want if you are going to progress or be productive this year and that is where goal setting comes in



How To Set a Goal


Simply have the desire – Have a desire to reach beyond your comfort zone. have a desire to be more or do more than you were or have before.


Look into the various segments of your life – For one to have a complete, fulfilling, what I call 360 degrees life, one must fulfil all 7 sections I listed above, namely Business and career, health, etc. Set aside a few hours or an entire day or the next weekend to look into segments of your life you are lacking and think of things you can do to make those aspects count. Then set it as a goal.


Specialized Goals Journals

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Ask questions – Ask people like your loved ones, colleagues or superiors areas of your life or lifestyle they think is lacking of potentials. sometimes for whatever reason, we under estimate our own potentials. Your friends may have the discerning eyes to see your dormant potential. Lucky you if they do, cause the feedback you get from them when you ask can be eye-opening.



How To achieve Your goal

Once you have set your goals in any area of your life, write it out. write it down somewhere, where you’ll see it daily. Very important! Don’t just set goals, on thin air and when you do write them down, don’t hide the booklet underneath your bed. Set an action plan for the goals. I explained what action plans are in this book, A to Z of Goalsetting.

You need an action plan strategy otherwise your goals no matter how lofty they are -cue you want to cure world hunger – will just be a mere wish, nothing more. Follow up your goal with work.


You can also get personalized action plans workbooks that will help you keep records and track your failure or the successes of your actions, gratitude journals, manifestation journals, affirmation cards, etc. These are some important smart strategies you can use to achieve your goal(s). You can find some of these resources here.
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In conclusion, this year will be a year of amassing success and more productivity for you if you follow the path of setting goals for yourself, your team, church, mosque or even your family and working towards accomplishing them. Don’t just drift through life. Live a full 360 degrees lifestyle.


The amazing thing about goal setting is this. You will see the quality of your life improving day by day, step by step when you start setting goals and working on them. Goalsetting isn’t difficult. Simply make do of the resources you have to get what you want. Reach for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll at least find yourself among the stars. Goal setting is a destination, while at it enjoy the journey.


If you need further help with goal setting, you can get my book, A to Z of Goal setting. It contains resources including simple strategies, action templates, inspiring messages for you. You will also get Vision board templates, success/failure games and more that will help your goal setting journey. Check it out here. or You can join in my #37DaysGoalsChallenge. It’s a platform for people who want to achieve any or particular goals for 2023. For 37days, members of the platform, will get daily goal setting strategies, action plans, audio inspirational messages to boost their day and further help with work on their goals. Sign up here on Whatsapp. It’s free!


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