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Goal setting for 2022: Why new year resolutions don’t work.

New year Resolutions don’t work. Don’t know about you but I hate New Year’s Resolutions… For one, they just don’t work.

Think about it…over the years, how many resolutions have you actually kept past January 31st (or even January 3rd, for that matter)?

But the worst thing about “resolutions” is that they make us feel like we have accomplished something just because we have “resolved” to do it.

But RESOLVING to do something and actually DOING SOMETHING are totally two different things!

So instead of making another resolution that you know you won’t keep, do this instead…



Set a crazy-stupid goal for yourself for 2022… Something so big and exciting that it can’t help but get you out of bed each morning. It’s a fact: Most people drastically overestimate what they can accomplish in a week, but they drastically UNDERestimate what they can accomplish in a year, so come up with something really big you want to accomplish in 2022 and write it down.



Make a 12-month plan. Once you’ve established your crazy-stupid goal, break down the actions needed to accomplish that goal into monthly “chunks”. Don’t get overly granular with this. We all know “life happens,” so decide on one or two things you can accomplish by the end of each month and commit to incorporating it into your daily and weekly task list.


That’s it!


The key is you must have a goal that’s big enough to keep you excited all year long and then you MUST break it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps that will get you to that goal.


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