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6 advantages of journaling in goal setting

Journals are a daily record of news and events of a personal nature. they are also sometimes referred to a diary.

There are several types of Journals; From travel journals, dream journals, gratitude journals, goals journal to prayer journals. People keep different types of journals for different aspects of their life.

For the purposes of this article. We are going to talk about having a Goals Journal. A goal Journal like the name rightly suggests. Is a journal where you write down your goals, plans and strategies you intend to use in executing them.

Some advantages of using a goals journal are;


1. Track progress and growth

When you use a journal to write down your goals, you can keep better track of your intentions. This will help you remain accountable and serve as a reminder of what you need to do to accomplish them. Be sure to get specific. If you make journaling a regular habit, you will see how much progress or growth you’ve made in a short time


2. Gain self-confidence

By revisiting previous entries, you can start seeing your progress can also give you a serious confidence boost. You can feel proud looking back at the challenges you faced and seeing how far you’ve come and .


3. Reduce stress and anxiety

Atimes negative thoughts and emotions can run on a loop in your head. This can be stressful when you’re dealing with a challenging situation (or even situations) — it can even make your present situation feel worse. But if you stop and put your emotions down on paper, it can help you release negative thoughts from your mind. As you write, you may even come up with a solution you hadn’t thought of before.


4. Keep your thoughts organized.

Journals help us to organize our thoughts and make them apprehensible. You can record daily events, thoughts and feelings about certain experiences or opinions. Journals allows you to tag and archive your diary entries. Thus Evoking mindfulness and happiness. Journaling brings you into that state of mindfulness; past frustrations and future anxieties lose their edge in the present moment. It calls a wandering mind to attention, from passivity to actively engaging with your thoughts.


5 Improve your writing.

Journaling helps your writing to be well trained. If you want to improve on your writing, the best thing to do is to start a journal. You may not have the perfect topic. All you need to do is to start writing your thoughts in Journal.
A report by the University of Victoria noted that “Writing as part of language learning has a positive correlation with intelligence.” The more you write, the more your writing improves. If you use a journal to express your thoughts and ideas, it’ll help improve your overall communication skills.


6. Stretching Your IQ

Journaling is also an exploration of language, you’ll have the natural urge to search for new words and increase your vocabulary.


These are some advantages of journaling. There are many more benefits to keep a journal. You’ll discover more when you start one! Don’t miss out. Get May Goals Journal Today.

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