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How to Set up Your Google Business profile and list on Google map

Sometime last year I  wrote about how any local business can target local customers on the internet for their products and services, especially service companies like barbing saloons, generator repair handymen, etc. One of the two ways I mentioned was setting up a Google map business listing.

Once you set up a Google map listing for your business profile, it will contain your business name, address and directions on how to get to you, phone numbers, website if possible and target search keywords. You will get potential customers who can come to know you just by searching for your name, service or the keywords you already targeted in your listing. You’ll need a Google business profile before you can successfully list on Google map.

I promised to teach how one can set that up and here is how to do so. Follow these steps


How to Set up Google Business profile

1. Go here to set up a Google business profile. Click on “sign in” or “manage now”.


2. Write the business name you want to use and click  continue.


3. Choose your business type and category, and click “Next”. Fill in the areas where you intend to service or serve your customers, e.g Surulere, Ikeja, Ibadan, Gwarimpa, etc. and click next to continue











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4. The next field will show you options for your contact details. Fill it in. Once you click “Next” you will be directed to another page to add your business on the Google map.


5. Fill your address and click to verify it. Then add your business working hours, select if you will like to accept messages or not, Add a detailed business registration. Add photos and click finish. Your business will start showing on Google maps once you are verified and you can get customers free from Google search results.



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