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How To Become a Community Manager For Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Community

Contemplating of becoming a crypto community manager? This is one of the best job opportunities available in the cryptocurrency field. 


Who is a crypto community manager?community manager jobs

A crypto community manager is an expert on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that is responsible for the management and development of a company’s online community. Crypto community managers are known for reading crypto charts, understanding ICOs, having good knowledge of how it works and several other activities. 

In order to become a crypto community manager, you need to have knowledge about blockchain technology and a deep understanding of what cryptocurrencies are all about. A crypto community manager can as well be known as a crypto community moderator or a blockchain community manager.


Some crypto community managers transformed themselves from Social media managers, transferring their social media management skills unto the crypto world. You too can do the same. All you need is a basic grasp of what the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry is all about and how it works. 



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These are some ways that would lead you on how to become a crypto community manager;

i. learn about the fundamentals of becoming a crypto community manager
ii. Create list of your favourite crypto communities
iii. Master the skills of becoming a cryptocurrency manager
iv. Search for jobs as a skilled community manager


If you are looking for a reliable way of earning from the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry and you don’t mind managing or interacting with people, the this Niche is for you. The jobs are there begging to be taken. 

This article just scratches the surface. Do more research if you want to learn more.

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