A to Z of Goal setting (ebook)


Why do some people achieve their goals relatively easily and some others struggle for most part of their lives to achieve theirs? With the amount of hard work, smart thinking, even fasting and prayers some people put into their endeavours they are supposed to be successful. Francis Okaformbah not only gives answers to these questions in this book but also provides some helpful strategies on how to reach your goals faster and less stressfully.


This book helps readers to achieve goals in at least 9 areas of their lives, including wealth creation/finances, business/careers, personal development, health, relationship and family and so much more. Thus making anyone who gets this book, a whole human being, as you are well rounded and have a balanced existence.


This is the e-book version of the book


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Simple and powerful strategies in the book includes;


+ How to make plans; daily plans for your goals and how to achieve them
+ Overcoming procrastination
+ Daily thoughts you can get ideas and inspirations from, for days.
+ Personal action plan templates
+ How to connect your fun goals to your business, career or financial goals and reach them faster.
+ How to develop a goal strategy that is tailored to your personal strengths and weaknesses

+ And so much more.

Whatever the situation of the country or economy, you can still succeed with a little extra information that this book will provide.



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