My Goals Journal


Are you looking for a simple resource that can help you set, track and achieve your goals? This Journal is the perfect companion. This Journal/Workbook Contains resources like Personal Action templates, Calendars (current year till 100years), periodic plan templates and Note taking sections.


It’s a complete journaling book that can help you set and track your goals. With this journal, you would be able to look forward to your plans and what to do to achieve them and also be able to take stock of your success and failures along the way to achieving your goals.

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This journal is an accompaniment/companion of my book, A – Z of goal setting. The journal is for the various exercises mentioned in the book and for writing (working) on your plans for reaching your goals.


Inside you get

+ The current year Calendar

+ A 100 year Calendar covering 1990 – 2090

+ 30, 60, 90 days periodic plans for setting goals

+ Action plan templates you can use to create and track your goals daily

+ Weekly review sections for accessing your goals

+ Note taking sections for your goals

+ And so much more

This Journal presents a simple and effect way to keep track of your success and failures and help improve your productivity and personal development.

Comes in different versions including; Spiral bounded, Soft Leatherback and hard back versions. With colours ranging from yellow, Red and Pink.


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