About Me

I am a successful author, self-made digital marketing expert and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist. Currently I am the CEO and head of the marketing department of Siscomedia Ltd – a digital marketing, Web design and Technology firm. I organize and always give talks and trainings on digital marketing, new media, tech enterpreneurship, marketing and using talents to earn income at Seminars and Workshops regularly and has so far trained several successful entrepreneurs and artistes in this over a decade sojourn as an expert/enterpreneur. I also write for National Dailies and Magazines and appear from time to time on TV shows, radio interviews, Newspapers and several online podcasts.

Entrepreneural beginings:

When I was about 10 or 11, I said to my Mom “I don’t want to work for anybody.” And I said later in my mind “I want to work for myself, be rich and have freedom.” I never knew how I was going to achieve this then – i was young, so after my secondary school I worked as a sales clerk at Idumota in Lagos Island, thinking I would soon get my own shop and achieve my childhood dream, then left and worked as a primary school teacher, “started” my own private home lessons too, trained to be a professional mechanized farmer, did odd jobs here and there not until I finally stumbled across the internet, did it hit me like a bolt that this is where i belonged – Technology Field. I stuck to it and did really make money and have the freedom, fulfillment and life I had always wanted.

My company Siscomedia Ltd – was officially started in 2007 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2013. I started this with my younger brother Charles, in a cubicle like office we shared with some friends, let to us then, by an uncle and have grown to serving (and still serving) prestigious clients like Chioma Ajunwa (Africas First Olympic gold medalist), Priority Communications Ltd (2015 Communications company of the Year), Intrass Services Ltd, several Authors, businesses, artistes and many more.

Right now, we work out of a hub in the heart of Surulere, Lagos, have several dedicated staffs and clients and consult for free for several organisations and bodies including for network marketing, technology and cryptocurrency firms. I also volunteer my time and talents to several church groups and activies – almost all weekends. I am currently in a wonderful relationship with the love of my live – Chidinma and studying a Business Admin. course in a private Tertiary Institcution in Lagos.

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