Looking for a Keynote Speaker, Trainer or Coach for you next Digital marketing, Cryptocurrency, Book publishing/writing or cryptocurrency and blockchain event? Look no further than I. 


I have ran a Tech and digital marketing agency for over sixteen years and in between have learnt a thing or too about making money and not making money, being productive, achieving success and building a start-up. I have also been priviledged to published some book son these niches too.


Hear what others say about my teaching and lecture methods 

…….Wonderful trainer. I am on my way to making my first 50k from just one social media client.

…or something like this:

…………………………… Turned my fear and low self esteem around.


My fees are affordable and even free for churches, mosques and other religious organizations with audiences not less than 100 and more in attendance. Simply contact me here let’s talk.