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THE internet, a global computer network that provides a variety of information and communication facilities, have over the years been associated with twain arguments.

While some see the internet as a place where all atrocities are committed, others see it as beehive of knowledge-sharing forum. So, it came as a bombshell when the author of “How to see on the internet,” Francis Okaformbah told audience best to use the internet. The eight chapters’ book published under Siscomedia Limited takes one into the world of digital marketing and business. with practical ….

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here is a saying that. If you want to hide something from the blackman you put it inside a book. But I dont believe in that saying any longer. Black people, Africans are now reading. Well not in large numbers yet but atleast they are reading. The reading culture is improving.

Well! A booklaunch is a good way to introduce a book and improve reading culture. That was what Francis Okaformbah CEO and Head of Siscomedia Ltd, did with his first – How To Sell on The Internet on the 14th of December last year. And your favourite media crew was there to cover the event.The event was a resounding success.

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