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If Your Life Were a Game, What Would the Score Be?

What’s your life score like?

A life score is a cumulative number or social tool designed to show you where you are in each major areas of your life namely your marriage, career, business, spiritual life or even academics.

It measures your state of fulfillment, lack or need or improvements there of required.

So what’s your score? Think … Chelsea 4 VS Arsenal 0.

So is yours …

Life 14 VS You 2? Or rather Life 3 VS You 5?

At our Goal setting retreat you’ll learn how to calculate your life score and also know which areas of your life need help.

Francis Okaformbah is the successful author of How to Sell on The Internet, A to Z of Goalsetting and many more books, a self-made digital marketing expert and Blockchain Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist. He is currently the CEO and head of the marketing department of Siscomedia Limited – a digital marketing, Web design and Technology firm and also the Principal Consultant Beastmode Productivity Inc’.

He organizes and gives talks and trainings on digital marketing, new media, tech entrepreneurship, marketing and using talents to earn income at Seminars and Workshops regularly and has so far trained several successful entrepreneurs and artistes in his over a decade sojourn as an expert/entrepreneur.

He will be talking on; 7 key areas of goal setting plus how to identify breakthrough goals.

Come learn how and what areas of your life you need to focus on to gain breakthroughs. Learn about life scores and how to live a fulfilling and contented life.

He’ll also be offering an optional mentorship and Achiever’s Mastermind action group after the retreat, where he and other experts follow up throughout the year and provides you with tools and expert feedback on your goals journey and plans for the year.


Don’t miss this. Register now and join us on Sat. 20 Janauary 2024 at St Brigids Catholic Church Hall, Ijaesha Surulere, Lagos. Time is 9 AM to 3PM. Its free but you must register first. Follow this link to register



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