About Francis Okaformbah

Francis Okaformbah, is a successful author and self-made digital marketing expert. He’s the current CEO and head of the marketing department of Siscomedia Ltd – a digital marketing and Technology firm. He organizes and gives trainings on digital marketing at seminars and Workshops regularly and has so far trained several successful entrepreneurs in his over a decade sojourn as an Internet/digital marketing expert.

I organize and always give talks and trainings on digital marketing, new media, tech enterpreneurship, marketing and using talents to earn income at Seminars and Workshops regularly and has so far trained several successful entrepreneurs and artistes in this over a decade sojourn as an expert/enterpreneur.

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    “Francis is truly an expert when it comes to making money genuinely from the internet. the simplicity with which he presented his facts in this book, makes it easier for anyone to sell anything to anybody on the internet.”
    ~Solomon O’chucks Nwokoro

    “You are a champion. I wish I could get you on our investment and training team when you finally agree. We have our discussion forum. Come let us create wealth for ourselves at Mo.life Investment, loan and marketing by 4PM today. Keep developing yourself, for many people need you outside here to define and create meaning in their lives. I believe in you. You are a champion.”
    —Nathaniel L., Lagos.

    “This is one of the best ‘work’book on computer and internet business I have come across in recent times. Francis has done what Napeoleon Bonaparte couldn’t do. It is a masterpiece. I encourage you to read it.”
    – Noel Enobong Eniefiok,
    CEO Novas Systems Solutions, Lagos.

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