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Goal setting for 2021: Why new year resolutions don’t work

New year resolutions are not the best way to set goals and achieve them because we make new year resolutions half heartedly and there is mostly no strategy or process attached to how these new year resolutions would be achieved. Statistics also show that most people that set new year resolutions fail in it. In a 2014 report, 35%…


January 8, 2021

3 ways to differentiate and become successful in Tech Business

Chidinma was a below average OND student from a very poor background who loved chatting and browsing and took to connecting to people on social media, especially during her spare time. She also discovered that she was great at giving relationship advice and solutions. Starting from Facebook she began connecting and matchmaking her friends, then other …


December 7, 2020

How prepared are you for 2021?

There’re seven areas of your life you need to set goals on to be able to live a wholesome and balanced life as an individual. Your business is one, career (as a salesman, writer, banker, etc) is another and there’s even fun-time and recreation.

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December 3, 2020

You too can get desired results in 37days more or less with my goals challenge.

We are all aware of challenges and how trendy it is now to partake in one. there was the famous #Mannequin challenge, .#Dab challenge, #DontRush challenge, and most recently #DontLeaveMeChallenge. There have been lots of other social media or hashtag challenges you have joined in the past years. While these were fun and gratifying I don’t think they were really mentally challenging or helped you to achieve a goal or be a better person, improve your business.


November 17, 2020

How an Escrow service can help you do more business today

An escrow service is a sort of service that holds the payment for Miss A until the product or service gets to Miss B. Once Miss B is sure of the product; size, colour, function, etc. She instructs the escrow service platform to release the payment and it gets into the bank account of Miss A. The escrow service takes …


November 16, 2020

“#ENDSARS: No. Never shall we agree to your demands” they said to themselves

Prayer for Tyrant:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. Let his children be continually vagabonds and beg; let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places. Psalm 109: 8 – 10. The protest for the end to SARS has been on for a few days. The Government responded to it by disbanding the unit and also creating another named SWAT. But the ….


October 22, 2020