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What’s your biggest achievement this year?

What is your biggest achievement this year? A lot has happened this 2022 from political down to economical, from minute events to big earth shaking occurrences. From a personal perspective, I got married this year. That in itself and for me was a huge personal milestone achievement. I also was able to double my income from last year. Though I didn’t reach my target income but the fact that I did it with virtually almost the same number of customers last year is a huge plus.

Even if you didn’t get to achieve anything tangible this year, despite your best efforts don’t be little your efforts or get into depression. Sometimes in this world, we struggle despite our best efforts. Don’t fret! Don’t give up! Pick yourself up. Re-organize your plans. And try again next year. And by the grace of God you would achieve your goals. The cliché winners don’t quit still rings true everywhere.


And if you indeed feel you have achieved something worthwhile this year, celebrate it. Take stock of what worked for you to reach that goal and put more efforts into it in other goals or aspects of your life.

I have gathered some links/articles to help you with your goals and achievements for next year 2023. Note, there are Seven (7) major areas of the human life one needs to set goals in in other to reach fulfillment. Which are personal, Health, Business and career, Charity/contribution to society, Finance, Relationships, Health and Leisure/Fun.


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I have a Premium achievers group where you can meet people and mentors to help you reach your goals, or you can get my A to Z of goalsetting book or even the Goals breakthrough course. Any one you choose be rest assured of my unflinching support to you for reaching your goals and milestones.


So tell me, what’s your biggest achievement this year? Leave it in the comments below.

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