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How To sell On the Internet book: What happened at The Book launch

There is a saying that. If you want to hide something from the Blackman you put it inside a book. But I don’t believe in that saying any longer. Black people, Africans are now reading. Well not in large numbers yet but at least they are reading. The reading culture is improving, my observations though.


Well! A well organized book launch is a great way to introduce a book and improve reading culture. That was what Francis Okaformbah CEO and Head of Siscomedia Ltd, did with his first business book, – How To Sell on The Internet on the 14th of December last year, 2019.


Book launch audience more book launch audience some photos from my digital marketing book launch

Organizing any event at all, even a small birthday party is a tasking endeavour, let alone a business event like a book launch.. Add an award ceremony into it. Well! The event was a resounding success.


Here’s What Happened..


First the event started late though. Yep. The event was scheduled to start by 10 AM but started an hour and thirty minutes late. I don’t know why at this age and time, we still use African time for events. The Agenda started with opening prayer. Then a brief intro and keynote address by Charles Okaformbah. And then went into the panelist discussion which was explosive.

The 3 panelists, Dr. Mary-Joan Nwaogu; a Publisher, an Educationist and Author of several books including writing builder 1 – 3 for nursery kids, Mr. Elijah Sofella; A Google Certified Analytics expert and digital marketing expert of over 7 years experience and Mr. David Kinho; music superstar, actor and current voice of WesternBet advert on radio really did justice to the questions thrown at them by Anthony Chukwu, the Anchor of the segment and Master of Ceremonies. Maybe because Tony was coming from the angle of an author himself too, so the questions were tough but the panelists were brilliant answering the questions, ranging from their review and personal opinions of the book down to reading culture in Nigeria and how to improve it.



In between all these programmes, the co-Master of CeremAward to Priority Communications, Siscomedia Clientonies, Felix Ekweanua, also an Author in his own riAward to Mr Ambrose Igboke, Siscomedia Clientghts added a spice of comedy to the event. There was an Author Interview were Francis Okaformbah revealed snippets of contents of his book, the challenges he had writing and publishing and even mentioned a money back guarantee for buyers of the book if they are unsatisfied with its contents.

Finally came the official unveiling and launch of the book and refreshment. The response by guests was great with several of them purchasing the book at the base price immediately.


Awards were presented to deserving longstanding Siscomedia Ltd clients. A closing remark from the Author, prayers and photo sessions were lots and lots of people snapped with copies of the book and me. There was enough networking before and Panelist segment in progress Francis and his mom Francis Okaformbah and one of the panelist Elijah Sofella Francis and one of the audience member in attendance The book, how to sell on the internet finally unvieled after this. The event was graciously covered by Vanguard newspapers and media crew.


You can still grab copies of the book, How To Sell On Francis being interviewed after the eventthe Internet Here


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