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TDC scam or not!

Is TDC scam? No it’s not. What’s TDC first and foremost! TDC stands for Trust Dignity and Competence. It’s a mobile store company that let’s you conveniently pay all your bills online from one fast app or their web platform in Nigeria and Ghana.


TDC is not a scam because with TDC you can check your WAEC/JAMB/NECO results, Pay for airtime both in Nigeria and in Ghana and Pay for prepaid electricity tokens. You can also buy data at ridiculously cheap prices, pay or renew subscription for your Internet Service Provider or Cable TV service. Buy Auto insurance or even advertise to a teaming fan of young people. And with some of these payments you make, you get discount commissions or Point Values (PV) that you can withdraw.



Another beautiful thing about TDC is that you can invite or refer others to use the service and get paid. This is the part that is making TDC to spread and trend like wild fire. A lot of people are not only making money reselling these TDC services but also inviting their friends and well wishers to join. The person that got me to join TDC is currently making over N650k from people he has invited to the business and is also helping me reach my target.


That invitation/referral part of the business is what makes TDC to look like scam for many people, because there are people out there telling everyone that cares to listen that with N2000 (which is the minimum entry package to join TDC) that you can be a millionaire in 30days. This is totally impossible and complete trash. Those making N50000, N200000, N650000 monthly from TDC didn’t start making that money within 30days. They worked and built their network gradually. If you want to learn how to build your network in TDC and grow to making the kind of money bandied about by TDC pioneers then join this my group and get all the resources you need.



The business is new so you would think its scam because not a lot of people know about it yet or the people you know are marketing it to look like a get rich quick scheme. TDC isn’t scam and I hope you join us, if not to make passive income for yourself at least to use it to pay bills at discounts and save money. Country hard right now, so every kobo and Cedi should count.

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