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Localized digital marketing: How To Start Getting Customers for your business, office or shop by targeting web visitors around your locality (2)

Last time I wrote about how you can use local digital marketing to target customers and clients for your business. And I listed two new and innovative ways you can do this namely,  Google Maps  and Lead valves (via classified ads, sponsored posts, etc )  I explained all about Google maps and how you don’t even need to spend a lot on a website to make this work. You can check the article here.



Here’s the second part of the article, which is about lead valves.


Lead Valves, are independent, compelling messages that drive consumers to your offers. They are not back links to
your site, hoping to boost its rankings in search engines. No! That’s not their primary function. Their main function is to bring people to your offline shops (or your website). Examples of lead valves are: business listings, online classifieds, local directories, videos, blogs, niche portals, etc.


This is not traditional Search Engine Optimization. Lead valves are about making your compelling message findable in multiples places. So you’ll need to target local terms, leverage authority sites, mine local niches, then offer your product/services to them and make money fulfilling the order.


The goal of the traditional SEO is to be the highest ranking website, and that could take months or years. Lead valves, on the other hand, are different; their goal is to get out your compelling message (USP) and offer findable-in-multiple-places when local consumers look for your product or service. And they can be created by you in as little as a few minutes to a few days.


To build lead valves, go online and start browsing or researching for sites you can build lead valves from. Look for sites with local relevance and local audiences too. Check out directories, local listings, classified ad sites, and local communities online. Here are a few local communities: nairaland,,,, Facebook geographic communities,,, and


We want fast search engines results and we will do it by creating what Google loves; so you should put the keyword in the title of your article, post or classified ad (and not the name of your business). Your lead valves or ads should reflect the problems of your prospects.


Set up as many lead valves as you can and you would be able to pull a steady stream of prospects, customers and clients to yourself.


Most small businesses have no clue about how to take advantage of the Internet locally. If you try these two localized digital marketing strategies you’ll be able to dominate the internet with your products and services and Sell! Sell! Sell! Once, again, dominating the Internet locally is not about getting a website to rank number one, it’s about marketing on the Internet to become number one LOCALLY.




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