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5 ways to earn regular income from facebook as a Nigerian

There are lots of confirmed ways to make money on Facebook as a Nigerian and this is because Facebook is the broadest social media network in the world currently.  According to as at 2022, there are nearly 37 million Nigerians on Facebook. Individuals and business owners uses the Facebook platform to promote their brands, sell products and services, run ads, and many more.


The good thing about it is that anybody can make money on Facebook, whether you are a Nigerian, Ghanaian or extra-terrestrial, 😀 if you follow certain steps. Read up to learn how to. These are some the ways you can earn regular income on Facebook.


1. Earn money by Creating videos with in-stream ads:

In-stream ads attract the attention of an audience and are ideal for creators and brands with a sizeable audience. When an individual is partially through watching a Facebook video, they are more expected to watch the ad completely if it means they can continue on with the original content—unlike a standalone ad in their feed, which they’re more partly to skip.

And before you ask. Is Nigeria eligible for Facebook monetization? Yes, Nigeria is eligible for Facebook monetization. As a creator in Nigeria who has met the Facebook eligibility criteria, you can earn from your content on Facebook.


2. Earn Money as a Facebook group owner:

Running a Facebook group is a very easy and sure way to earn good money for yourself. You start by creating a Facebook group, and then ensuring that you get a good engagement and at least 10k members around a niche. You must post good content so your members won’t get bored. You have to keep them engaged with blog posts, images, videos, etc. I personally belong to a writing group with just 10,000 users and a business /entrepreneur group with over 180,000 plus users from all over Africa. I can tell you the owners of these groups are making money organizing masterclasses, selling offline and online courses as well as consulting. There are also groups like Suzanne Ade Coker’s Rant HQ and Relationship Cliniq making their owners money from just news or giving advice.

You can earn your income through paid posts, i.e. members pay you a sum of money to post their products or services, paid surveys, selling your own brands, IG live hype or ads and so on. Give it a try.


3. Make money being a social media manager:

This is another way of making money through Facebook as a Nigerian. With this, you can get paid by managing as many Facebook accounts as possible. In order to be a social media manager, you need the basic skills of social media management. As a social media manager, your responsibilities are creating and posting content on the Facebook page, scheduling posts, designing graphics for content, responding to comments of the followers and keeping them engaged, and building the size audience amongst others.

Other managers go as far as employing several other digital marketing strategies to convert these followers and engagements into paying and loyal customers. If you can crack the code here. There in lies your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I was offering social media management before for as low as N20,000 per client. Now my bill has gone up to as high as N50,000 monthly. I know of others that charge N120,000 monthly and some that do theirs hourly. Its all up to you. Get an online course and/or a mentor, learn the ropes and you too can be among the high-end earners.


4. Making money by selling your account:

Yep! You can also make money from Facebook by selling your account. In this case you can create a Facebook account and begin to grow it but by bit. By the time it has a huge number of followers, you can put it out for sale. Some marketers and online businesses that basically need an account buys the Facebook account and use it for their marketing or entertainment purposes. This happens because  Facebook gives more weightage to an old account.


5. Earn income as a social media expert:

Facebooks pages are composited digital properties. From graphic design to advertising strategy needs, many page holders hire social media experts and agencies to help them. So being a social media expert, you can put them through and earn money at the end of it. You can also teach them how to use the various other parts and features on Facebook. there are lots of sections on Facebook yet unknown to some users, sections like the marketplace, meta business account, Ad creation section, etc.

So getting trained as a Facebook social media expert can position you for making money thus. There are various online course and physical training schools that can be of help.


Go ahead an try any one of these methods. At the first start you might not get the hang of it and might fail but keep at it. Make it a goal and you will see yourself succeeding in it. If you need further help, then get my bestselling digital marketing book, How to Sell on the Internet. You will find more help and resources there. See Chapter 8 for the details.


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