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Social media management

How To become a Social media Manager and Make Money

I was discussing with a colleague of mine when he informed me of a lady in her early twenties earning over N250,000 monthly from managing the social media page of a company. I know of another fellow earning N25,000 monthly from managing the social media account of several companies. As at last count he had 5 of such gigs. That’s a constant N120,000 monthly. Just imagine if he cant get 3 or 4 more such gigs to add to what he currently has.

The truth is many are earning money from what you do for free or for fun or infact what you waste your time on. The time you spend

Social media management

abusing celebrities online or commenting on what I called “amebo posts” that don’t concern you, giving your opinion where it isn’t necessary could be better used at managing the social media pages of some of these people or companies and have you earning money.


Do you want to know what a social media manager does?

A social media manager is a person who is in charge of representing a company across social channels as the marketer of the brand within an organization’s communications. Social media is known as the best method for companies to obtain and conserve customers, so it is essential for such company to have a manager to help them publish content to share through various social media channels and so on.

Different brand owners struggle to manage their social media accounts constructively and make it engaging and are ready to pass on the burden of it to someone. Creating content or brainstorming every morning on how to create contents is tough. And remember there are other parts of the business to take care of like marketing, customer service, supplies, employees, etc. I know what I am saying I have been there before. And the amount of social media networks out there keep increasing by the minute. From Facebook to snapchat, its almost 10 now.

You can make huge money if you know how to strap the power of these platforms to help businesses attract more followers, and especially if you can convert those followers to buyers. You can make money if you know how to create engaging contents. You can make money if you know how to automate posts, etc, using simple tools and resources.

There are different ways you can become a social media manager;

i.    Building up your social media platform and post good contents for your audience.
ii.   Acquire knowledge in social media managing strategy
iii.  Follow clients you wish to work with
iv.  Register for online courses. learn the basics of social media marketing. 
v. Grow your own social media; As a social media manager, having large followers makes you and other clients to know that you know what youre doing. This also helps in gaining more customers.

These are some ways of becoming a social media manager and more. Start your research from Google or you go to Youtube and learn. Start with this video: How to make money as a social media manager with canva


The only issues you might have with making money as a social media manager is marketing your skills and getting clients. You can invest in marketing and get over this hurdle. If you can convince enough clients about your management ability especially how you can convert the followers or fans to paying customers, the amount of money you can make as a social media manager is just up to you.

There’s the advanced social media management regarded as reputation management but don’t disturb your head on that for now. Just focus on creating engaging contents, increasing followers and converting these followers to buyers.

Act on this information now and rise. Wish you luck!

By the way, I have a social media management agency too and I make regularly income just from managing the social media accounts of clients. I have less than three clients I am managing and it works for me. Please share and leave your comments below.



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