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Here’s what you will get from the webinar once more;

1. What the difference between Plans and Actionable plans are

2. How to Set your goals, make them more challenging and achieve them

3. A simple Success game that can help you overcome crushing defeat and put you back on the part of success

4. Some Simple tools and resources you can use to improve productivity

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Why some people achieve their goals relatively easily and some others struggle for most part of their lives to achieve theirs?


With the amount of hard work, smart thinking, even fasting and prayers some people put into their endeavours they are supposed to be successful.





This book will help you to achieve goals in at least 7 areas of your lives;

Financial: You will learn to Permanently break out of poverty, take control of your finances, earn more, reduce debt and create wealth.


Business and Career: You will learn how to start, revive or grow a business or career EXPONENTIALLY even if you are starting without any experience… and prosper more than you can currently imagine… regardless of the economy


Health: You will be able to make plans for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Personal growth: Become more emphatic, knowledgeable and spiritually mature.

Relationships: Find love, rebuild relationships and more.


Social contribution: Learn how to make the world a better place and live fulfilled.


Fun and Leisure: How to have fun and live a full life. After all, you only live once.


Thus making anyone who gets this book, a whole human being, as you are well rounded and have a balanced existence.


The book is in two parts. The 1st gives you particular methods for determining, setting and reaching your goals. Once you have done that you can then turn to the 2nd part. Read a chapter a day. Take notes and implement the ideas you get towards reaching your goals.

Study this book closely and perform all the exercises within and you will achieve all your lifelong personal, career and business goals. 


Get EVERYTHING YOU WANT in LIFE by setting Goals That not only challenge you, put you can track and also achieve easily

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A to Z of Goal setting