You too can get desired results in 37days more or less with my goals challenge.

Goal setting book in nigeria

You too can get desired results in 37days more or less with my goals challenge.


November 17, 2020

Hear what two readers of my newest book talked about A to Z of Goal setting

“Lack of Focus and Team Play at work resolved….

I discovered that our objectives at the workplace aren’t being carried out, as every one was focused on his/her own selfish goals. The focus and team play just wasn’t there. With the 5 word pillars I chose from the game in chapter 4 of A to Z of Goal setting, we were able to eradicate this, create a disciplined work environment, increased work quality and even fired those no longer suitable to work with us… I was able to discover and resolve my own personal challenges too.”
– Clement Okhale, Teacher and Asst. School Admin



“Better relationships since I read the book…

There were some challenges I had which I thought were over until I read the book, A to Z of Goal setting and took a critical look at my life, especially my relationships. Following the steps in the book I was able to put the exercises in practice and since then my relationships with friends and loved ones have taken a whole new level. I am currently enjoying more clarity, connection and love”
– Ifeanyi Okoye, I.T Consultant.


My newest book, A to Z of Goal setting is a business, personal development and lifestyle book you will definitely enjoy. it can help you to set and achieve goals in 7 different areas of your life. Contains tools, strategy, action steps you can safely and easily use. With 37 daily thoughts and action boosters for each day as you walk towards your plans. The book is mostly free. You only have to pay for Shipping and handling.


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That’s not all there is to it. Currently there’s a #37daysGoalsChallenge or #37daysChallenge hashtag challenge going on for all those that get the book. With cash prizes attached too. Up to $300 be won in total cash prizes.

Everyday, readers of the book who have joined the challenge posts on a private social media group about their goals or one goal they are trying to achieve in 37 days and what they are genuinely doing to achieve it. They can post pictures, notes, etc. whatever they are comfortable with.

They get help, advice, support or even partners that will help them towards that goal and at the end of the challenge. 3 winners are chosen for the cash prizes. This is not only a novel way to reach your goals but one of the best way to commit yourself to a goal.


Do You have what it takes to go through my challenge?


There have been lots of  social media or hashtag challenges #Mannequin challenge, #Dab challenge, #DontRush challenge, and most recently #DontLeaveMeChallenge you have joined in the past years, while these were fun and gratifying I don’t think they were really mentally challenging or helped you to achieve a goal or be a better person, improve your business.

Imagine achieving your sales goals with the help of others, losing weight with the inspiration of others, reaching the top of your career or even learning a new skill with support and partnership from fellows in the same circumstances with you and even winning prices at the end of it all.

This #37daysGoalChallenge is open for everyone as long as you get the book A to Z of Goal setting. The book actually sells for N3500 but for this period it is free, simply pay for shipping to your desired address and join the challenge today.

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