With Social media and Instant Messaging interruptions, How Productive are you?

With Social media and Instant Messaging interruptions, How Productive are you?


March 5, 2020

Productivity is the effectiveness of effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. Productivity In other words, is a measure of how efficiently your inputs, such as labour  (effort) and capital, are being used in an economy/business to produce a given level of output.

Social media can be very distracting to productivity, especially if your work isn’t related to social media. That is, if you are not a content manager or social media community manager, then spending too much time on social media can be disturbing. Don’t spend all your day on Social Media or the ever-attention-demanding instant messaging Apps – Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.  

I have this rule of not spending more than 20 mins on social media, whether Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in the mornings especially when I got work to do. My morning routine isn’t to first come on social media once I power up my laptop or pick up my phone or connect to the internet. I know the urge is irresistible but I don’t. You shouldn’t too.

If as a business or you want to just be productive for the day, when you come online on social media, come online with the idea of posting what you want to post or checking and logging out, you can bookmark interested texts, posts or videos for later. This calls for discipline. 

Also not every time your laptop or phone chimes with a message, you leave an important task you are doing to attend to it.  I tend to scold my staff when it comes to this. You are in the zone, connected to infinite intelligence and succeeding with a task and then your phone chimes and you attend to it, thus disconnecting yourself and breaking off from the zone/work mode. by the time you resume to get back that idea, task or go to that former productive level now tends to take extra minutes and hours, thus slowing down work.

If you are not in sales or customer service then its not your function to attend to instant messages when they come in. If you are doing an important task, finish up before responding to your phone. Don’t tell me that message might be important or urgent. Be honest! Most of the times these messages are not important and are most times things you can always attend to later. 

Social Media can be deceiving, one cat video there, a funny skit by Maraji here, a stupid statement from your president there and before you know it 2 hours has gone and you are still online. Here are a few tips to help you overcome distraction, if you are so addicted to social media or instant messaging Apps. 

 1. Set reminders to let you know how much time you have spent on social media apps like Instagram  or Facebook. Click on the linked words to learn how to set it. 

2. With instant messaging there is the mute button. Don’t just rush to check each time your phone chimes and a notification pops up. There are mute buttons. You can also archive a message, once you are done with it or delete the chat entirely.

3. Get a partner to help keep you accountable. If you work alone without supervision then you should get someone to help you to be more accountable for your time usage or time spent online. 

4. Get tools and software to measure your time usage and productivity. tools like rescuetime or trello.com can be of help. 

Hope these tips help?

What of phone call interruptions? Phone calls interruptions? Ha! that one is another topic for another day. Please Like and Share this article, someone you know needs to read this.

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