Why smart small businesses need to invest in Marketing

Why smart small businesses need to invest in Marketing


February 3, 2020

Many small businesses assume that because they are small and have limited advertising and marketing budgets they shouldn’t advertise or hire a marketing company. In fact, there are many ways that a marketing company can provide strategies for a small business that not only extends the services they can get for their budget but that really promotes growth of the company. The reverse is also true in many cases.

When small businesses rely on their own understanding of marketing they often use most of their budget on ineffective marketing strategies that yield little or no returns on their investment.

If you are a small business it is worth your time to meet with a marketing company representative and talk about your goals for your company, especially this new year. Ask for ideas and strategies that the marketing company would recommend and then negotiate a contract that fits in your budget to implement those marketing plans.

Some ways that marketing companies can help small businesses include:

• Having a strong relationship with advertising media providers to get you more advertising at a lower rate than you could negotiate on your own. For instance, you can get discounts on advertising on Facebook or TV if you go through a marketing company that already has a relationship with them. This is really a function of marketing companies doing large volume business throughout all their clients with these media companies.

• Developing a cohesive and structured marketing approach based on research and experience. Find a marketing company that has worked with companies offering similar products and services and take advantage of their experience and market knowledge.

• Understanding of the latest trends in marketing including the latest in social media sites, mobile advertising and even what you need to do to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings.

Besides ensuring that you take advantage of the points above, working with a marketing company can help you prevent a messy or disastrous initial campaign.

There is nothing worse for a new company than to create a negative image in the customer’s minds and then have to overcome that before they can start to grown and build a solid customer base.

Spend, rather invest in marketing this week. Get a marketing company in the know. The pay offs to your business will blow your mind. This is how to grow from a small business with only one branch to a big one with several branches spread all over. By the way, if you don’t have your business planned already its important, you start doing so today.

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