Whatsapp Marketing: How to earn more income with whatsapp strategies.

Whatsapp Marketing: How to earn more income with whatsapp strategies.


August 24, 2020

Eyah! Sorry Bro Anya*, I never knew you were sick.’ This was one of the messages sent to our whatsapp group. being the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of a church group few year ago, I created a Whatsapp group as an addendum to our facebook group so that we would be able to share more information, have Godly fun and connect more. There were series of arguments that arose as a result of this regarding the correct use of these social media. Heated passionate arguments,- I threatened to sue my president, he threatened to beat up the Deanary Vice president  and another member threatened to report all of us to the Archbishop- That never happened :D. Being the wonderful peace lovers we were, we settled amicably without resorting to blows or threats.

Social media and how it should be used for religious purposes is an article I would rather reserve for another day. Today, I’ll like to pique your interest on the use of Social media, particularly the Popular Whatsapp Chat application in your business marketing strategies.

What’s whatsApp: Whatsapp if you don’t know, is a popular instant messaging application on most smart phones that allows anyone with a registered account, linked to a phone number to send short messages known as chats to individuals or groups that have the same application installed on their phones for free. If you don’t have whatsapp on your phone you can’t send or receive chats. To register you need to download it to your phone through what we call an Appstore and fill in your details.

Then you proceed to add other members or contacts on your phone to your whatsapp application. Whatsapp allows you to send texts, videos, audio clips and pictures to your contacts. Any registered member can create a group and add as many whatsapp contacts as he/she wants. And anytime someone sends a chat it can be viewed, shared or commented on by other members of the group. A group usually used to consist of 50 users but with the purchase of whatsapp by the almighty Facebook sometime last year, the maximum number has been increased to 100.


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Whatsapp does not allow any form of advertising on its platform yet (it isn’t yet a source of generating revenue for the company that owns it;Facebook) and please stop forwarding broadcast messages that says your account will be de-activated if you don’t click on a certain link or do this or that. Please it’s all scam.

Now that we know that precisely how do we use Whatsapp in our marketing strategy. Here’s a simple strategy;

Step 1: Define what your marketing strategy is. Do you want to make more sales to end users or get more people to be distributors/resellers of your products. Let’s assume your strategy is to end users.

Step 2: Create a chat group (or broadcast channel) consisting of your end users, in this case your customers or prospective clients. Create as many groups as you have customers/prospects. Rename them group 1, 2, 3, etc. You can also add your whatsapp number on your fliers or adverts and ask people to add you. better yet, download the more popular business whatsapp that has several business features like allowing you to list a catalogue or your products or set autoresponse messages.

Step 3: Every Morning at least twice a week, send a message about your product or service. Highlight one least known but important feature of your products or service, tell your paying customers and prospective ones why you are better than the competition, etc. You can also send inspirational messages, quotes, Prayers or even ask for feedback.

Step 4: Step back and re-appraise your strategy after a few weeks, are you getting more clients as a result, are more customers buying your products or services, do they give you positive reviews you can use as testimonials on promotional items?

Step 5: Rinse and repeat steps 1 – 5 again. Success leaves clues and from your activities in the steps above, you’ll be able to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Innovate now. It will cost you nothing to start Whatsapp marketing for your business. Whatsapp marketing for small business is infact one of the most simple marketing channels available out here. After all sending and receiving messages is free, you only pay for your data subscription which is very very cheap nowadays. Go make more income through Whatsapp and remember to have fun. I will give much more advanced Whatsapp marketing training in the coming weeks.

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