The real truths about making money from Digital marketing in Nigeria

The real truths about making money from Digital marketing in Nigeria


September 18, 2020

This is how the Internet money making/digital nightmare starts for most Nigerians.

1. You buy a blueprint or manual that teaches you how to make money online
2. You start looking for how to fill in the missing pieces. Some of the missing pieces being products to sell or getting traffic
3. You then go on to getting a website or driving traffic to your new internet business; you put in article marketing here, post on forums and social media, make a few comments on blogs, advertise via Pay Per Click here, advertise on this newspaper

And at the end of the day after spending all that money you get nothing… 6 months down the line you give up. I have been there and done that. And all my failures and how I finally succeeded are recorded in the book; How to sell on the Internet.

Hold on, hold on! This is not another ‘yeye guru talking or another  useless difficult to implement manual. Infact the Publishers of this book, have a Money back guarantee boldly printed at the back of each copy of How To Sell on The Internet, which is ; if after a few weeks of using the strategies in this book, you feel you won’t achieve your goals of earning income from the internet. Return the book to the address inside and get a full refund.

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For Instance do you know you can make money from your current skill or knowledge. Well! Depending on your competency, you might need to polish it a little. But all in all you can make money from your skill, a skill as simple as dancing. Can be turned to a money making venture by posting dance videos on a blog, social media app like Youtube or Tiktok. What of a message or a passion? You can still earn from it via digital marketing. Here’s a quick how; record a video of your passion, post it on a content sharing site, get the content to pay you or share the income generated from ads with the content site.

I have placed these ideas, including more researched and well tested strategies in the digital marketing book, How To Sell On the Internet. The book is one of the best digital marketing books in Nigeria and will take you from the basics down to advanced knowledge. When you run your business using digitalbook cover strategies you success faster. The fact that you are online means that you enjoy advantages over businesses
operating solely in the physical marketplace. You can overcome the usual limitations of time and geography that previously would have limited how many potential customers you could actually reach. You can communicate using tools such as e-mail and blogging that don’t have a counterpart in the offline world. Finally, you have access to services such as search engines that can help you find suppliers and do business research and marketing.

Here’s one of the numerous endorsements about my digital marketing book,

“With just one strategy in this digital marketing book you can make as much as 6 figures monthly. Add 8 more strategies and internet business models you can use and your dream of becoming rich on the Internet becomes a reality.” – Kenneth Omeruo. TechTrendsNg.com

What are you waiting for. Don’t miss this. Grab a copy now.

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