The Pressure of Social media

The Pressure of Social media


April 10, 2019

Hmm! The pressure of social media! Sometimes Facebook will make you hate the people you love. You know we always put our best side up on social media…Our best pic, our best video, our best quote, our successes and super achievements. On Facebook, almost everyone is rich, successful, happy and without a single problem in the world.

And this gets to you. You start thinking… You start to wonder and be sad because you are not making it…You are not making enough progress as your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram and Twitpic are.

Apart from being distracting. It becomes depressing as it seems, you alone have all the problems in the world. You begin to hate them…hate seeing their pics of success…hate their lives…hate the ones you love. Jealousy and other vice might creep in. And if you are not careful you might turn to a much more acrimonious version of Chiwetalu Agu or Patience Ozokwor.

Dear! Be still and have peace. We all have problems and challenges but most of us choose to smile and not post it on social media. Stop running your life according to the clock of others. Your own God ordained time for you to shine will come. Don’t live on the validation (likes, thumbs up, number of love emojis sent, etc) of others before you believe you are alive and successful. Self validate your own little successes. By the way, I can help you with your goals.

So if you see me posting pics of me smiling or riding a limo today,don’t think I have made and I have no problems of my own. I do but choose to smile despite them.

Talking about putting our best pics forward, let me put a “not so best” pic of myself here and see how many likes and shares I will get here.



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