The Crab Mentality

crab mentality

The Crab Mentality


June 15, 2020

Do you know how crabs are caught? Well since crabs are engineered to walk sideways fishermen simply crab mentalityput a box on the shore with one side open and chase or allow the crabs to walk inside. The box has no lid on. Once inside and the box is full, the fisherman closes that side (the open side) of the box and takes his catch away. Since there is no lid on the box, the crabs can easily crawl out over the top but that doesn’t happen because as soon as one crab starts crawling up, the others pull it down and no one gets out. This is the crab mentality. Guess where they all end up? In our soup pots of course!


Crab mentality marketing is what I call promoting your own goods and services while condemning the rest in your industry. I remember sometime ago, an ad on radio for a mouka foam product, one of the lines of the radio ad went thus, “If e no be Mouka foam. E no be correct foam.”  The company was asked to re-edit that line and they have. You don’t have to pull others in your field down before you can succeed. crab mentality especially in marketing is a worrisome syndrome practiced by many inexperienced and new business people. The sky is big enough for all birds to fly. You need to have a new and proven marketing or much easier and localized marketing mentality.


You don’t have to condemn others, particularly your competitors or other individuals in your industry before you make a sale. Even if they have poor products or services rather highlight your own strengths without condemning. Though Jack Trout and Al Ries in one of their Book, 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, proposed one law that states that to win in the marketing battle you must be on the attack-always. But attack doesn’t necessarily mean condemnation and generating bad press for your competitors. Besides the context of that law is for you to take on your greatest rival and position yourself against him/her, not condemning the world industry.

Via experience I have come to understand how hard and life snuffling competition can be. Try out other novel marketing strategies like sms marketing in Nigeria or even educational (content) marketing. When you condemn those in your industry, you are likewise condemning yourself. And when they also do likewise it ends in a spiral of condemnation that goes back and forth but that doesn’t anyone any good. Don’t be like the crabs otherwise your once flourishing industry will end up in the soup pots.

Wise up! stop being a crab otherwise all of us will end up in a soup pot.



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