How The Internet Changed the Entire Course of my Life...
And How it can Supercharge yours too!

Dear Friend,

It was in 2002, when I first came in contact with the internet. I went to visit a cyber cafe in Coker, somewhere in Lagos, where I resided, with my younger brother. We bought a 30mins time ticket, but that day were were able to achieve nothing as we just didn’t know what we were doing and the cafe attendants then were not cooperative. -That was probably the first time of my having access to a computer. But I was determined to conquer the computer world. I went back a few days later on my own and the next.

I was able to get the hang of the internet, I opened my first email – A yahoo mail, which I still use up till today, browsed one or two sites, particularly passionup.com and ecards.com (this was before the days of Facebook and co), downloaded several ebooks and began researching on how to get free money from the internet. Almost everything then from the internet; emails, entertainment, videos, books, pictures, etc, was free. I couldn’t believe it. All you needed was to buy a browsing ticket and you could get all these. So I thought I just needed to search the right sites to get “free money”.

My research took me places both offline and online, I downloaded and read several articles, attended internet and money making seminars and workshops that were fast springing up everywhere, bought several manuals and even put up my own products for sale.

Fast forward and  18 years later and with thousands and thousands of money spent and lost, trainings received and fingers burnt. I am now a guru when it comes to making money from the internet and can help you 

Discover How to use the Internet to turn Your Products, Services, Passion, Knowledge, Skills and Ideas into an Endless Money Making Cash Tool That Pulls in money for you like a Damaged ATM machine.

…Even if you have never seen a Computer keyboard before.

I know you are sick and tired of the hype related to conducting business online? “Make a million dollars nonstop without lifting a finger” read the headlines? Even my headline looks kind of hypey? Right? But No.This is quite different, see those websites and adverts in Newspapers say it is possible to have push-button solutions so you can make money while you sleep. Yes, its possible but it’s not going to be an easy ride, that’s the truth they won’t tell you and I will never promise you an easy quick fix solution here.

Let’s face it. Some of marketers out there are either just selling rehashed washed out ye-ye information that are over priced, with practically no value or are preaching ideas and solutions that can’t really be done here in Nigeria or even any African country. While other so called internet money making businesses are just pyramid schemes and MLMs in disguise. That’s the cold Truth!

But if you want to make a lot of money online using the right information, working smartly (I will never promise you you’ll make money without working for it) and through your talents, skills, products or services that you are currently offering (or intend to), then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves …

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Francis Okaformbah. I have been into Tech. and digital marketing and practically making money from the Internet for over thirteen years (since 2007). I started my research and quest in 2002 but not till 2007 did I start making real money.

I Started with just N300 (less than a dollar now) have grown my Internet business from that N300 start up and a one room apartment that I shared with my Mom and four Siblings (which served as kitchen, bedroom and parlour at the same time) to having an office in the heart of Surulere, Lagos and employing several staffs, what some people three times my age are still dreaming about.

I write for newspapers and magazines, have appeared on cable TV and have over the years taught more than 3,000 people (through seminars, articles, e-books, reports, etc) how to make money on the Internet. That’s not all, I have written 5 books, which are currently in the market; 2 Children’s Classic, a young adult novel -Both under a pen name I don’t want to reveal here yet and two business books. I am about to introduce you to one of them.

I have several tech businesses and websites making me an average 6 figures every month online 247 ….

They include; www.FrancisOkaformbah.com, www.DoctorTansi.com, www.MobileMarketingportal.com, Booktopia.cc, www.orderomatic.com, www.siscomedia.com.ng, several mobile Apps and so much more. I have been able to single-handedly sponsor my siblings to school, up to the University level and help lift the burden from my poor widowed Mother. We know how hard it is to survive, for families in which both parents are still alive, let alone a widow with five children.

I just turned 36 years this January and don’t yet have a single computer literacy certificate or a university degree in my pocket and I don’t plan to get one anytime soon. I travel when and wherever I want to, eat what I want and generally enjoy the freedom that comes with being my own boss and being hailed, Igwe by fans and friends alike.-

Me and my mom at my last book launch in Dec.
I and some friends having fun at the Beach in Lagos.
Me and some of my staffs two years ago
Copies of my my Young Adult Novel - Yankari

…But it wasn’t always like this. Remember, my story started in a one room apartment, with just one computer. (infact I had no computer at all. I started my online businesses with none and had to trek long distances to be able to use the computers of some of my well-to-do friends, ‘cause they were free and cyber cafes were too expensive for me then) and I took off with just N300 I borrowed from my younger brother. Yes! I was dead broke when I started my first Internet business.

…so you can say I have really “been there, done that!”

And I have also seen a lot of good people get burned by believing the tricksters, charlatans and snake-oil wayo-wayo salesmen that promise massive income online for little to no effort. Internet Businesses just doesn’t work that way!

I have compiled all my knowledge, mistakes, secrets and experience into a comprehensive book titled: …

book cover

                                                                                                                                             (order button here anchored to the one below)



Forget about making millions online FOR NOW. Forget about making five hundred thousand Naira online. Instead, ask yourself this question….


What kind of difference would that make for you? whatever it is, I am here to tell you that, it is possible! Not only that, but once you learn my strategies for making money online you will not only believe it is possible, but you will be one step closer to financial freedom and of course the millions will follow.

I believe it is possible to turn your business, service, product, passion, knowledge and skills into profits online. I have done that for so many people. I have seen so many succeeding in it, here in Nigeria. Do you have something to sell – your skill? Your knowledge? Your experience? If so, you can use my “crazy online money making ideas” that I have used to make money online for over 12 years to sell almost anything you’ve got… almost anything!

You can even make money online without selling anything at all at all. You can read all about it in my brand new 261 paged book titled:

book coverHow to Sell on the Internet – Simple ways to market your products, ideas, services and knowledge online and make millions even if you know little about the computer.

My “internet and digital money making strategies” for example make me as much as….

N200, 000 per Month! (sometimes from one transaction only ) …and remember I have as much as 5 websites, online businesses and applications running 247.

See a screenshot of one of my account from two weeks ago …………………………………….


Everything is in my book. In this 262 paged book you will …

  •  + Learn about my own Internet story. How I started business with only N300 (less than $3) and the challenges I faced along the way. (see page 5)
  • + Four (4) common stupid mistakes most newbie marketers and online wealth seekers make. Do these mistakes and you can kiss goodbye to ever making a single kobo online, ever. (see page 18)
  • + How to get movie and TV stars, Musicians, Governors and other important personalities to help you sell your products and services for free! (see page 26 – 27)
  • + How to get the exact name and addresses of thousands of people who would love to send you money! (see Chapter 4 page 52 – 57)
  • + How to run a Profitable information marketing business that makes you money nonstop within the next 31 days or less selling your knowledge/skills. Secret: you don’t even have to create the products yourself and there’s no business experience required. (see Chapter 7 page 103)
  • + How to get a product to sell if you don’t have one already, and how to get it for nothing (see page 104)
  •  + Seven (7) SECRET psychological triggers FOR MAKING MONEY ON DEMAND in your business even when your customers don’t want to buy. (see page 206)
  • + The Absolutely easy step by step strategy you can use to setup a shopping mall for your business or even target local customers and have your market stall, workshop or office burning with more customers than you can handle. (see page 84 or page 127)
  • + How to find the head turning hook that ethically forces customers to read your adverts as if their life depended on it! (see page 219 – 227)
  • + The simple formula that even an illiterate school drop out can use to write adverts which will be 100 times more effective than the best Lagos based Advertising agency. (see page 225)
  • + My copy and paste success strategy for driving non-stop traffic to your business. (see chapter 14)
  • + An amazing secret that can turn the nearest Internet café or your computer system into your own personal goldmine. (see page 45)
  • + Step by step secrets on how to create your own social network like Facebook or twitter and save over N850,000 in web design expenses. Shhhhh! Don’t let any designer find out about this. It’s not easy-o but if you have a basic knowledge of computer you can do it. (see page 149)
  • + Eight (8) simple ways to spread your expertise through simple blogs and make constant dollars online. If you can operate a mobile Phone then you can do this. I will even show you proofs of my own earnings too. (see Chapter 11, page 157)
  • + How to mail up to 100,000 letters per week automatically at no cost whatsoever… not even postage and you don’t even need batteries for this. You also get templates you can copy, (edit) and paste, to use and send with (see page 202 – 206)
  • + What to write on a cheap little classified ad or newspaper ads that will make people, flood you with cash! You could make as much as N10,000 profits per day! (see page 225 – 226)
  • + How to use online advertisements to draw targeted customers to your business. You can pay as low as N41 per customer. Imagine getting like 50 customers a day and they each pay N4,000 – N31,000 for your products/service. (see page 217 – 220)
  •  + How to get as much money as you need to really get rolling…and get it without borrowing. (see chapter 15)

There’s more. A lot more! Including over 70 other resources and free tools you need to run a successful money making online business, action exercise to help you and over 11 case studies and real success stories of people like you.

Even if you are a night shift or part time worker that works in the morgue, the strategies here will help you a lot.

book cover

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Here’s what others are saying about How to Sell on the Internet

"Okaformbah's book provides that last, most important element. This book is both your passport and your visa to the land of opportunity. Your own creativity is your plane ticket. Chocked full of down to earth, practical and common sense suggestions, you will find that this book will give you everything you need as a start-up online entreprenuer." Michael Lightweaver, Coordinator, International Institute For Global Leadership, USA.
“Francis is truly an expert when it comes to making money genuinely from the internet. the simplicity with which he presented his facts in this book, makes it easier for anyone to sell anything to anybody on the internet.” ~Solomon O’chucks Nwokoro Motivational cum Inspirational Speaker, Author & Coach.
"This is one of the best 'work'book on computer and internet business I have come across in recent times. Francis has done what Napeoleon Bonaparte couldn't do. It is a masterpiece. I encourage you to read it." - Noel Enobong Eniefiok,CEO Novas Systems Solutions, Lagos.
HOW TO GET THE BOOK... I had less than 100 copies of this book printed. You see, I did what you call print-on-demand publishing. This allows me to print limited quantities of my books and sell. So there is no wastage or 1000 copies of books lying somewhere in my store tying money down. Over 33 of these printed copies have either been bought or given to the media, experts reviewers, giveaways to friends and mentors. I only have less than 70 copies left.

You need to order for the book now. Once you do that, I've got several special gifts for you! I have successfully pulled together DOZENS of bonuses from some of the world's leading online business trainers and teachers. They have contributed valuable ebooks, videos, audio interviews, software and more that you will have unlimited access to as a How to Sell on the Internet book owner.... ... and it’s all absolutely FREE!



* Secret Profit Levers audio training course.
* Video Cash System
* 10 Free Tools For Internet Marketing
* Discover the REAL you

* Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks

* Siscomedia Ltd Productivity CD vol 1
* Secrets of Successful Adwords
* Your Real Wealth: 48 Hour Quick Start Plan
* 7 Killer Methods for Marketing without Money!
* and much more…….

Ok! That’s it for now. I am running out of space here. But anyway, I hope I have given you enough information about my new book to make you decide to get it and read it right away. But please Note…


Yes! See, the cost of my book is extremely low compared to the value you get. However, even so, I don’t want to cash a single kobo of your money until you read my book and find out for yourself how good it really is. Does that sound strange to you? I’m sorry if it does but no matter what… I intend to treat you like you would like to be treated!

In other words, I think you deserve to be able to read my book and try it out (for the next 10 days) to find out if all the things there are exactly how I say and start setting up your business before you allow me to cash your money.

Here’s how to get the book  book cover

Step 1: All you have to do is send an sms titled “Give me my book” then space your Full name, Home/Office address (not P.O box), phone number and e-mail then send it to 07031857044. You’ll receive a reply within 12hrs that tells you how many copies are left and a code you’ll use later for your bonuses.

Step 2: If copies are still left, go ahead and pay the sum of N4999 for the book plus N3000 postage and handling fees (total N7999) through any of the following:

i. Rave Escrow Services link*

ii. Stanbic IBTC Bank*
Siscomedia Ltd

iii.  VesiCash Escrow Services link(let me explain how the services above work. Rave and vesicash are online escrows service Accounts. meaning you can pay securely with your card, USSD or bank transfers but I won’t be able to cash the money in them except after 10 days or until you say I can cash it. Go ahead and confirm before payment.

While the Stanbic IBTC bank account is also a brand new escrow acct i opened for this basis. I can only cash the money there after 10 days. Confirm. If you cant find any stanbic ibtc branch near you you can make a transfer via agency banking kiosks around you or even through your bank). 

Call us on 07031857044, if you have any issues or need more explanations. 

That’s all there is to it. As soon as I receive the Payment Alert or your money order, I will send the book to you immediately…

BY FIRST CLASS MAIL! You should be able to receive it within 72hrs wherever you are in the country.

You’ll get the book right away and you’ll have plenty of time to read it and check it out. Then, if you are not 100% satisfied, just return it to me within the 10 days and I’ll send you back your uncashed money with no questions asked.

This 100% safe and secure. The entire risk is now on me, you have nothing to lose. 

Call 07031857044 if you face any challenge.
I want to see you making money from the Internet through your products and services and you are just a few hours away. Order now!

Francisco Okaformbah
Author, Speaker and Digital marketer
Head Marketing, SiscoMedia Ltd.
Prospective Member, Association of Nigerian Authors,
Platinum Hub, Olufemi Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

P.S. Hurry I have limited copies of the book printed, less than 70 copies left! There are over 4000 other people like you reading this letter this minute and it won’t be long before the 70 copies get snapped up fast. And you’ll lose out on the bonuses too.

P.S.S: You have 10 days to check out the product and start using it to set up your internet business. If you don’t like it you send it back and get your money. See! People might even end up taking advantage of this and cheat me but I don’t care I want to show you that you can really make money online and am ready to bear the risk.
The risk is on me now, so what are you waiting for?

P.S.S: Please don’t make any payments or send any money if you get a reply text saying that there are no copies left. Please don’t! Follow step one when ordering.

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