Opportunity: 6 businesses or new models you should undertake in times like these (2)

Opportunity: 6 businesses or new models you should undertake in times like these (2)


October 14, 2020

As the covid-19  pandemic wanes down in the number of infections and deaths and the world turn back to normal routine. What and what businesses can opportunity seekers undertake to achieve income and success? As a follow up to my first article in May, this year. Check it out here https://francisokaformbah.com/opportunity-6-businesses-or-new-models-you-should-undertake-in-times-like-these-1/

Here are 6 more businesses you can tap into.

1. Virtual Learning

Yes, as many students are stuck at home due to closure of schools and all. Virtual learning has become more and more popular. Schools across the world and all levels of education have cancelled all in-person sessions indefinitely to curtail the spread of the virus.  Even as things begin to open up the e-learning cannot stop, so there will be a new focus on the use of virtual classroom solutions to serve a broader market. Therefore, the time to churn out digital learning solutions and position in that space is now, with the virtual knowledge-based industry estimated to run into several billions of dollars. A recent report by Tech has estimated that the worldwide e-learning market is projected to worth $325 Billion in 2025.

 2. Work From Home Tools and Resources 

More remote or work from Home sessions will lead to less demand for Office Spaces and more online or productivity tools.  The post Covid-19 economy will involve a massive increase in remote working. This will especially be the case in Lagos and Abuja where some companies have seen the effectiveness of their staff working from home. Heck! I have friends and family already working from home now. With more people working from home, it will reduce the many hours of daily commute. there would definitely be resultant reduction in the need for large office spaces by companies. Some companies can even become office-less. This will enable businesses to save on office rental costs, while getting more productivity from staff who will not have to deal with long hours in traffic journeying to and fro the office.

You can get into businesses that help companies plan and execute remote working as a form of business process transformation. Also there would be an increase in need and demands for portable hardware and devices laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Businesses that sell these devices and accessories will see increased demand and profits.

3. Internet Service Providers 

If virtual solutions are on the rise, the internet is no longer a luxury but an essential requirement for survival. The big and global technology companies have poured in millions of beefing up their infrastructure to serve millions of consumers. Internet Service Providers should look to roll out cheap and affordable packages for home use. Organizations may cut down on their required bandwidth if work from home solutions become the new normal so while revenues may dip on that end, expect to see a sharp rise in data bundles for home use so technology enthusiasts ought to position in this space to provide equipment, services, and allied products. You can start small scale here by reselling internet services, data and the likes. or join network marketing ISP programmes like Recharge and get paid.

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4.Buying Stocks of Companies in Relevant Sectors

While certain sectors, have climbed up in share value others particularly travel and leisure, have been badly hit by the pandemic. This has made the stocks of companies in those sectors a lot cheaper than they were a few months ago. Investing in some of these stocks at the current low value could turn in appreciable gains in the months and years ahead. This may be a good opportunity to own shares in specific companies that were otherwise unaffordable until now. So, look for these cheap stocks and grab a bargain. You can use services like Chaka  or bamboo to purchase and monitor your stocks.

5. Immigrant programs via investment or contribution to development fundsBusiness opportunities in Nigeria

There has been no better time to have dual citizenship, especially for those from developing countries. There is a prevalent fear that should the pandemic persist, the health infrastructures of many countries will collapse. Internet searches have shown high traffic to sites detailing how to get citizenship to states that run diversity programs or citizens by investment or travel visa-free to developed countries. There is an opportunity here for immigration lawyers to support through the process. Countries offering citizenships would have an avalanche of applications driving up revenue in this space

6. Career Planning and Life Coaching Businesses

Career planning and life coaching will also be an area of business that will be revived post Covid-19. Many have lost their businesses and jobs and will be looking for change, advice and any help to make them bounce back. This is where career advice and life coaching comes in. Don’t be surprised to find that there are lots of people who need career advice and life coaching to help redirect the focus of their lives. With the millions of people out of job and the changing nature of work since the pandemic began and the lockdown measures taken by government, its inevitable. This will also include mentoring services too. So get into the industry if you have the skills.


Additionally as I wrap this article you can also invest in the below.

Virtual Entertainment Events and Activities

From virtual night clubs to live streamed music concerts and other online spaces; Covid-19 has created new momentum for online engagements across the world. This will only increase and take on a life of its own even after the pandemic.

Vitamins and Supplements Businesses

I am predicting a boom in vitamins, herbal medicine and supplements usage as many people try to boost their immune system to stay healthy and protect themselves against infections from future outbreaks. The sales of vitamins and supplements have been growing in Nigeria even before the outbreak, especially through the network marketing business model. One of the recent network marketing health organizations that has been making great products and has a fantastic compensation plan is Norland Nigeria. You can find out more info about this amazing business opportunity and join by chatting up the admins or me on whatsapp here.

If you are looking for a money making business opportunity (ies). It will be worth your while to try any of these. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Also share and subscribe too.

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