Opportunity: 6 businesses or new models you should undertake in times like these (1)

Opportunity: 6 businesses or new models you should undertake in times like these (1)


May 2, 2020

As the lockdown in several parts of Nigeria, like Lagos and Abuja eases off this weekend, and people and businesses have a semblance of normalcy return, I am left thinking, whether another lock down is not in the offing? The cases of the corona virus infection in Nigeria is still rising up.  What should one do if there is another lockdown pronouncement. In essence what businesses or business opportunities will thrive in a lockdown, post lockdown or post Covid -19 pandemic.

After much brainstorming. Here are a few brilliant ideas I came up with. This will be a two part series as I get more ideas I will post them here.

1. Food Business:

Man needs to eat. Yes, while health is of paramount importance even in a lock down (which in my opinion has not effectively curbed this corona pandemic) we need food. Anyone in the food business, e.g; restaurants and food stuff sellers can successfully succeed inspite of a lockdown. A restaurant business can focus on home deliveries rather than walk in customers. this can be undertaken despite the lockdown. Same with food stuff sellers too.

2. Teaching (private coaching online)

I was privy to the discussions of a group that was on how to start teaching lessons and giving home assignments via Whatsapp. And this was a nursery school we are talking about. Several schools have started giving lessons via electronic, social media and instant messaging platforms like Facebook live and Whatsapp, like I mentioned earlier. Private lessons teachers are not left out too. You can start giving lessons via Zoom app, Whatsapp calls or even Facebook live to your students too. This could birth a new branch of your teaching hustle too.

3. Baby care (formula, food, diapers, etc)    baby diaper

Babies will always need food and care in-spite of a lockdown. I consider this essential commodities too. So any business in this line is bound to have success in a period like this. Better to focus on home delivery too. As that is where the new money is.


4. Health care (pharmacy, hospitals, etc)

We are in a health crisis, so healthcare is the number one business to succeed most in these times.  Thumbs up to all healthcare practitioners in the fore front of this battle against Covid -19. Our prayers are with them. 


5. Digital marketing /professional services

Digital and professional marketing services like online marketing, web design, social media management, etc are on the increase, as businesses struggle for way to keep afloat and still earn regular income. If you are a digital or tech enthusiast, now will be the perfect time to get skilled or prospect for customers. 


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6. Delivery & logistics Businesses      delivery guy

I guess, delivery and logistics businesses are making a killing right now. It’s a guess! I am not too sure. Even at that, if you don’t own a haulage/delivery company, I believe you can still partner with them to see how you can help them get more customers by connecting them to any of the 5 businesses above that would want deliveries done for orders they’ll get. 

You can even combine any of the other business above together to make a legitimate hustle (let me use the word of the street). Take for instance a pharmacy business; you can meet anyone you suspect will be favourably open to this and using your Facebook knowledge create a Facebook page for then, upload some offers, advertise it and help them make some sales. If you more technical then build an e-commerce site, advertise and earn money from building the site for them or as an affiliate and earn on each sale the site makes.

Have a bicycle or bike, you can help deliver packages on behalf of say a restaurant or baby care brand, make sure to clear with the security agencies on what you can carry or not (as an essential worker) to avoid harassment and more.

I believe opportunity, not necessity is the mother of “some” inventions. While we pray the lockdown won’t be longer than this or we won’t need a further lockdown to beat this rising pandemic in our country. It wont be out of order for you to make plans and prepare. When preparation meets opportunity you tend to have success. Get productive today. Take actions now. Massive actions. 

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