Of birthdays and memories…

francis okaformbah

Of birthdays and memories…


May 15, 2020

I wanted to post something fun and different today . Going through some archives of my old articles I found this. it was in celebration of my birthday when  I was 25. Birthdays are one of the most important days in a person’s life. Hoping you will enjoy it.


Dear Diary! My birthday (20.01.2009)

6:08am. I am 25 years old today. I am feeling kinda happy and excited today, unlike my last two

francis okaformbah
francis in those days

birthdays. My Bank just sent me a birthday greeting and its still 6:10am surprisingly none of my loved ones remembered my birthday until 5minutes later when I read out the message, then the birthday wishes and apologies began to come. My younger sister promised me a pack of Chivita fruit juice. MY friend and partner, Edwin, just sent me a greeting it went thus,

“May d wisdom that comes with age b urs n help u 2 suceed. Happy Birthday.”

No special event intended today, I’ll start the day with a fast, prayer and end it with Holy Mass (church service) in the evening.

12:05pm. I’m breaking my fast and guess what I’m using to break it (garri, epa and Ewa) and I’m happy as I consume it. I’ld hit the internet soon to officially launch and send the password to a private site, I am opening for my customers. I promised members of my list that I’ll send them the password to the site today. (Here’s an upgraded version of the site www.mobilemarketingnigeria.com)

4:30pm. Online right now. and sending the password. I’ll make sure that I attend Holy Mass.

6:58pm. Unfortunately I came late to Mass today. I still prayed and wished for more glory years ahead and the Lord gave me his blessings on that.

Well! Dear diary. It may seem a boring birthday, but compared to the last 2 birthdays I have had this was better.I am feeling happy and fulfilled as some of my goals have been achieved. One other thing that makes this day special is that It’s also the feastday of my Patron Saint, Blessed Michael Iwene Tansi.

Unfortunately and saddening, at this moment is the fact that none of my “girlfriends” sent me a birthday message. Well diary! 25years already how fast I’ve grown. men. I’m no more a kid and got to take life more seriously. May be a steady income stream, more focussed plans, Marriage and children of my own, education, politics. Boy! Am I becoming a man. Obi is no longer a boy but a man.

I am hoping that my next birthday celebration would be swell! probably a big party at my new Apartment. Happy Birthday to me once again!

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