Is Your Bulk Sms Business Still Profitable? Here’s What To Do…

Is Your Bulk Sms Business Still Profitable? Here’s What To Do…


December 20, 2018

Like many bulk sms providers currently struggling with their businesses, we actually started our own sms business- now mobilemarketingportal.com, with the aim of making Lots of money from the budding internet and mobile tech. opportunities in Nigeria, some few years ago.

And for a while we enjoyed it but there came a loooooooooong time that we struggled to make profits and put food on the table for our families. It’s now even worse this season. This is the most difficult and impossible times to be running a bulk sms business. A lot of people currently running bulk sms business in Nigeria are losing money, opting out of the business or are on the verge of quitting.

There are several factors now affecting this business including; new restrictions from the network providers, e.g; Do- Not-Disturb (DND) mode, high cost of foreign exchange to purchase sms credit, Nigeria’s recession and inflation problems, emergence of more advanced messaging platforms and so many others.

Most of the bulk sms providers I know run other businesses, like a domain and hosting business and entered the bulk business with an “opportunity mindset” much like me some years ago not with a “business mindset.” Opportunistic mindset = let me hurry and enter and make lots of money from this. Business mindset = I must find solutions to this and provide value. I want to stay in this business for long. 

First thing to do now if you are struggling with your bulk sms business is to change your mindset. Start thinking like a business – an enterpreneur and not an opportunist (Download Rich Schrefren’s The Internet Manifesto. Read and Thank me later.)

Then secondly fix the following in your business:

I. Your SMS gateways

II. Your Bulk sms pricing

III. Find means of earning multiple streams of income from the sms business

IV. Your marketing . For instance for, I. above some gateway will tell you which numbers are DND activated. So your customers can exclude them and thus get 100% (or close to) delivery. And talking about III, I myself have learnt how to earn dollars for my sms business through this. its all about re-focusing.

Do these and you can return to the path of profitability. Be that as it may, you must first off, learn how to set up your bulk sms business (both technical details and the business/operations side of things) in a different way. The Truth is bulk sms business as we know it is dead, that is, the regular bulk sms business is dying. You need to add value. Change your business model. Upgrade! my brother.

I compiled a free report where I spilled out some of these in details. including:

✓ How to use DND (Do-Not-Disturb) issue to your advantage and offer other related mobile marketing services that will earn you more income than “Selling bulk sms units” would and leave your competitors confused.

✓ How to start with just 50 users and explode your user base to over 200 registered users in just 30 days, Using an R Strategy I use.

✓ 10 ways you can make money from bulk sms business. About 4 of these income streams will give you 100% pure profits, no need to pay for sms units! You just pocket 100% of every money you are paid. Simple!

Go here to download it http://francisokaformbah.com/freereport/ (I may pull it down any moment)

I can’t explain it all here. it will make this post toooooo long Nobody like long posts. Its already long sef. The report is free. over 45pages of sizzling content. Just provide your primary email, click on the confirmation message you would receive and then read the report with a note in one hand and a pen in another.

Get ready to disagree with some of the things I will say in the report because it will just sound like pure madness. cheesy but in actual fact, it is the truth about bulk sms business. I have been in this business for over 6 years.

Should you still be in the sms business? The Free Report can help facilitate that decision. And its free. Go here http://francisokaformbah.com/freereport/ to download it

I will be waiting to support you at the other side.


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