How prepared are you for 2021?

A to Z of Goal setting

How prepared are you for 2021?


December 3, 2020

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The best time to prepare for next year is now. I know some people that are preparing to spend heavy this December. Forgetting that January, which has “54 days” is actually around the corner. Is it worth it to prepare for 2021 when you are not sure yet if you would make it? Yes. It is.

There’re seven areas of your life you need to set goals on to be able to live a wholesome and balanced life as an individual. Your business is one, career (as a salesman, writer, banker, etc) is another and there’s even fun-time and recreation.

I covered several of these in my newest book, A to Z of goalsetting and even included tools and resources you can use to set, track and achieve these goals. There’s even a #37daysGoalsChallenge that goes along with the book. We all love social media challenges, don’t we? Here’s one that will really impact your life.
The book is free.

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A to Z Audio book version

The Book is also available in Audio Format. You can listen to a sample excerpt here. Go ahead and add it to your order. You won’t regret it.

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