Digital marketing Class: How to make money online from Nigeria

Digital marketing Class: How to make money online from Nigeria


June 2, 2021

Do you want to learn how to make money online from Nigeria? Then join my free digital marketing class/webinar.

Every fortnights, i.e. Once every two weeks I hold a digital marketing class where I train random people for free. How they too can earn money on the Internet, Some people prefer to say make money online from Nigeria :).

There are two classes, the classes always happen here on the 2nd Thursday and fourth Thursday of every month by 4pm. Sign up here to get the exact time or date.

I don’t just teach rehashed info or sell you up on money making info. Infact there are going to be no sales at the webinar. It will be pure content and if you need my help further that is when you pay. I use these ideas I am teaching myself. I have multiple businesses running online and providing multiple services.

Let me give you an example. I sell children books on Amazon and make real cash. See a screenshot below.


As you can see I don’t just sell money making info. I have been in th eindustry for 15years running my business quietly and claiming no expert or godlike “guru” status. I am a regular guy just like you making money online from here in Nigeria. If you want to make money online from Nigeria and legally too. This will be the best webinar or whatsapp class you have ever attended. Join now and get the best 40minutes you have ever spent online, for free.


Click here for the Webinar class

Click here if you prefer the Whatsapp class.

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