Content round up: How your level of confidence determines your success


Content round up: How your level of confidence determines your success


May 25, 2020

Confidence as defined by online dictionary as the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on confidencesomeone or something. For you to be successful in life, business, relationships or even a game, You need confidence. The level of success you have currently might be a direct response to how much confidence you have in yourself or your skills.  A wise man once said, “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” 

I have collected a short post round up of some confidence boosting articles from around the internet, for you. Read them up, assimilate the lessons and apply to your life daily. Here is my round up of the confidence building posts.

  1. Forbes: 4 Habits of Highly Confident People

When most people think of the word confidence, they associate it with a lack of fear or self-doubt.They look on in wonder, for example, at that confident coworker who seems to just speak their mind without a care in the world for what other people think. This article from Forbes.com teaches you how to identify your fears, communicate more assertively, make decisions based on values rather than feelings and so much more. Read more here


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  2. How To Build Confidence

This article is from the one of the ones finest personal development coach, Tony Robbins. Here Tony teaches you how to gain confidence by controlling your emotions, discovering your purpose, changing your attitude and focusing on your centres of passion. He also offers several strategies, about 8 of them, you can use to expand on your confidence building journey. I suggest you practice those strategies every day.  Read More here


       3. The Big Lie Killing Your Confidence

Shine in this article from Success.com (originally appeared on shine though) explains why, the “I am not just good at it” thoughts at the back of your minds, are the biggest lies killing your self confidence.  You can find out more about this including 3 strategies you can use to defeat this lie here. The big lie. You will find this article most helpful. 


There that’s my article round up for this week. Tell me if you like this, in the comments section below. And may be I will be posting this type of post once every month. You can also share and subscribe below for more articles like this.

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