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4 ways to integrate the internet into your current offline business (1)

If you sell different kinds of phones, what you’ll do is to write out their features and prices and place them on your price comparison site. Then compare the prices of your phones against those of others or even your competitors. Even if they offer prices lower than yours you can display several features or benefits you have over the competitors with a good Unique Selling Proposition like a money back guarantee or a product replacement guarantee.

Learn about the 2 easy ways now …


October 19, 2020

Opportunity: 6 businesses or new models you should undertake in times like these (2)

Heck! I have friends and family already working from home now. With more people working from home, it will reduce the many hours of daily commute. I am forecasting a resultant reduction in the need for large office spaces by companies. Some companies can even become office-less. This will enable businesses to save on office rental costs, while…

You need to get in on the opportunity now and benefit from it and 6 other post covid-19 business opportunities. Find out all about these businesses here..


October 14, 2020

The real truths about making money from Digital marketing in Nigeria

For Instance do you know you can make money from your current skill or knowledge. Well! Depending on your competency, you might need to polish it a little. But all in all you can make money from your skill, a skill as simple as dancing. Can be turned to a money making venture by posting dance videos on a blog, social media app like Youtube or Tiktok….


September 18, 2020

Free How to sell on The internet book winner

A lot of people want to learn digital marketing and how to earn income from it. And thus every month I give out a copy of my amazing digital marketing book, how to sell on the Internet to my new subscribers. In the month of August, we tried a manual draw and it was great. A subscriber was chosen at random. Dr. Abodunrin Kolawole of a popular University in Ikorodu, Lagos state was the lucky one.


September 3, 2020

Whatsapp Marketing: How to earn more income with whatsapp strategies.

Whatsapp does not allow any form of advertising on its platform yet (it isn’t yet a source of generating revenue for the company that owns it;Facebook) and please stop forwarding broadcast messages that says your account will be de-activated if you don’t click on a certain link or do this or that. Please it’s all scam.

Now that we know that precisely how do we use Whatsapp in our marketing strategy. Here’s a simple strategy; ….


August 24, 2020

3 keys for succeeding in an overcrowded market

Sometimes you see a profitable market like health or weight loss and fashion market but there are thousands of competitors. The reason is that there is money there. This is why so many people are beating themselves out to enter such market.

You do not have to be afraid of entering – competitive markets. Also you need to do is to ..
Give a bonus

Awoof they purge belle, right? Everyone loves a Bonus. If you can offer extras in your business, you can win in any market you enter.


July 27, 2020

The Crab Mentality

You don’t have to condemn others, particularly your competitors or other individuals in your industry before you make a sale. Even if they have poor products or services rather highlight your own strengths without …


June 15, 2020

How to write a business plan: 5 steps to follow.

Most Nigerian businesses and friends I have met start their businesses without any business plans.
That’s a wrong way to start, every business needs to have a written business plan. Whether it’s to provide direction or attract investors, a business plan is vital for the success for your organization.


June 10, 2020