A to Z of goalsetting is also available in Audio Format

A to Z of goalsetting is also available in Audio Format


November 28, 2020

My new book A to Z of Goalsetting; 37 days to setting goals and reaching them easily, is also available in Audio format. The book will be launched on Monday, Nov 30th, 2020 (the book is now out) and it’s going to be free – At least within the launch week of monday to Friday. potential goal-getters who want the book simply pay for delivery and handling to their respective addresses. And it will be delivered. Delivery takes 72hours within lagos and 5 – 7 days outside Lagos.

You can sign up here to get a free copy. Why Am I giving the book away you might ask. Well. I want to show you the value of the book. I need you to start using the amazing tools and resources inside to achieve your goalsetting plans. I want you to get it without bearing any risk. I want you to get it, use it and by the time you discover the strategies and wonders of the book you would be interested enough to purchases other products and services I have.

Like I mentioned A to Z of goalsetting is available in Audio format. So if you want to listen as you read or you prefer learning via audio rather than reading you can add that too to your order for a small price. Here’s an excerpt below.

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