7 “Things” That Will Still Sell In 2021 Even If There’s Another Pandemic.

how to make money online in nigeria

7 “Things” That Will Still Sell In 2021 Even If There’s Another Pandemic.


March 29, 2021

More and more people are turning to the internet to seek solutions to their problems and thus providing unlimited opportunities for smart individuals to make money off it. Its’ the years 2021.We are just coming off a pandemic. If you are looking for extra avenues to offer value to people and earn from it online then here are several products, services and solutions that can help.

These are one of the best ways on how to make money online in Nigeria. These hot products and services will still sell in 2021. 


1.Selling your products or skill

This is simply advertising online and getting people to order for your products and services. You can even sell your experience and prevent people from making a bad decision or learn how to do certain things more easily, using online ads. Online advertisement is cheap and effective. You can advertise on Facebook, Google or even on daily news/newspaper/forum website like The Punch or Nairaland and make money. I make a lot of money online selling my webdesign, business consultancy and book publishing skills and experience online. A lot of money.


2. Information publishing

 You can sell any information online through e-books, reports, online courses, seminars and more. This is still a big business if you stay away from money making information products, especially how to make money online in Nigeria topics, that niche is so full and saturated and if you are not a known ‘guru’ or have  a large following, it will be difficult to break through. Exceptions though are the cryptocurrency, Investment and Agri-Tech niches. Search or create products around self confidence, property investment, Goal setting, relationships and romance, sex and health. Even how to progress or climb up the ladder in certain career industries can sell well.


3. Create Mobile Apps

  Mobile Apps is the in-thing now. If you can create mobile apps for companies or for yourself you can make lots of money. Lots of training required though. You can create game apps, business apps, entertainment or even sports apps. Your app can even be a directory or collection of other apps and how to use them, eg; create a directory app that shows all the best investment apps in Nigeria. Once You create these apps, monetize them with Google Admob or even facebook content advertising network. Go to https://codecanyon.net/category/mobile/android and you could see a list of already developed apps you can easily re-purpose, and simply add Google Admob or Facebook Content Network Ads to. This is how to make money in Nigeria in 2021.


4. Internet Network Marketing

This is one product/service that will sell even beyond 2021. Internet network marketing is the new way of selling MLM or Network marketing products and services like Norland, RAGP or Tianshi using digital marketing strategies and it works like hell. Its quite easy and very successful than the old normal system. You simply apply all you have learnt from Digital marketing into the particular network marketing company you choose and use it in prospecting, duplication and ultimately wealth creation. You must have a sound knowledge of digital marketing for this to work for you.

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5. Create a community website on a need

Create a community website on a niche using a forum or social network or even blog. A need can be “becoming better in parenting toddlers”, ‘how to make money from sport betting” or “How to Ace my IELTS tests and get VISA to Canada” Its not quick money but after a few years you can also boast of your own ‘Facebook Authority’ in this version of these types of site. Check out what mamalette.com is doing with new and nursing internet generation mothers. I am also building one here, Digital marketing Millionaires. It’s an experiment so let hope it works 😀


6. Writing articles for pay

 There are a lot of websites out there that will pay you for writing articles. Just go to Google and search for it. Content marketing/SEO is still a big industry and people will need article writers always. Heck! I always hire at least 2 freelance writers every month to write articles for me.  You can also choose to be a ghostwriter. This is another write for pay niche. A ghostwriter is someone who gets paid for writing a book for someone else. Its popular online, You can make as much as $300 from just one job. Go to Fiverr or Fixlancer for more details. As per payments, you can get paid in paypal, payoneer, cash transfer or via the wallet accounts on the sites you get the gig from. This is one great way to make money online in Nigeria. This will still sell in 2021 even if there’s another pandemic.


7. Online retailing

You can search for products especially hot selling products you can sell or resell online. For instance looking around your environment there might be some old stuffs you have that you are not using or a particular product that is popular in your area but hard for people in other locations to get. Why not list it, on maybe jiji for instance or other such sites? You don’t even need to spend a lot creating your own ecommerce site for this to work. I explained this in more details in my digital marketing book here. You can plug in to classified ads or popular ecommerce sites out there and create a store. I have 2 stores on Konga and Jumia where I sell Bibles, Christian T-shirts and Rosary beads. Anything can be sold online. But if you really want to make GOOD money make a thorough research on the market you want to enter to ensure the products /services are in hot demand. See wish.com for series of hot products you can sell.


How to make money online in Nigeria:

7 “Things” That Will Still Sell In 2021 Even If There’s Another Pandemic.

How To make money online in nigeria selling

There’s all! Hope these will help in your quest to earn new or additional income on the internet. Think the 7 above is still not enough and you are still looking for how to make money online in Nigeria? Then try others like Affiliate Marketing, selling Virtual Real Estate online or geographically targeting customers online. You can get more details about how to how to make money online in Nigeria by purchasing my book that delves into all the above and more with more details, practical examples and tools too

The book is backed by a money back guarantee so you have nothing to fear. If you don’t make money online in Nigeria, you simply get your money back. You can even get the book for free* too. Get the book here

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