… Discover How to Set Goals and Achieve them in 2020, not just setting new year resolutions.

Dear Friend!

With the timeless strategies and resources I am about to show you, you can accelerate your personal growth, business income or life goals.

I am Francis Okaformbah, Author of How To Sell On The Internet, A to Z of Goal setting and 3 other non fiction books under a pen name (don’t want to reveal it here). Last year alone, 2019. I was able to …


  • + Revive my failing business and succeed despite the prevailing bad economy,
  • + Publish and sell hundreds of copies of my books with nothing down,
  • + Pay for my own rent and have a roof over my head
  • + Maintain a healthy 23.9 BMI and weight (I was seriously thin and underweight over the years)
  • + Meet and make several partnerships and deals that will be running into several millions by Dec. 2020
  • + And currently making arrangements to walk down the aisle with the love of my life.

I have several other big plans this year.

ATTENTION: Hard work only will NEVER take you far …

You see I have had plans to succeed in life and have worked hard over the years. I was born poor and lost my dad at a young age of sixteen. With 4 siblings and a mom to look after I had to skip university and start a business after a short stint as a salesboy/boy-boy at Balogun in Lagos Island. I worked so hard like my life depended on it. Yet I didn’t make as much progress as I would have loved.

With the amount of hard work, fasting and prayers I put into my business endeavours and goals over the years I should have reached celebrity and billionaire status by now. But alas my hard work and prayers were not enough. Not until early this year that I applied some timeless secret strategies, which I will teach you shortly, did I manage to get the breakthrough I have deserved and achieved all that I listed above and more.

Truth be told, our country Nigeria is hard. Particularly these perilous times we are in. If every Nigerian was to be rewarded according to the hard work he/she does all Nigerians will be rich. I personally believe no one in the world works or prays as hard as Nigerians.

But alas hard work (and prayers) isn’t enough.

I will be organizing a 5-day Goal Setting Online course this January to teach just 30 people how to really achieve their business, financial, relationship, health and personal goals in 2020.

New year resolutions will not be enough …

Many will set new year resolutions and before February is over they have forgotten all about it. In this 5 days online course we are going to go beyond new year resolutions as I will be teaching you practical strategies using examples and resources from my life and that of established experts.

You need a ROADMAP for 2020…

When going on a journey, if you don’t plot your way, the medium you will use to get there, delays and the time the entire journey will take, you wont get anywhere at all. As you begin the journey of 2020, you need a roadmap to guide you to your destination. Let me help you with that road map.

Modules you will learn in this course…

Areas we will cover include …

Financial – This will cover topics like income, loans, capital, savings, millionaire mindset, cooperative societies, etc.

Health – Will cover exercise, super foods, benefits of water, sleep and more.

Personal growth – Under this you will learn more about phenomenal books you should be reading, universities and equivalent courses you can get online, How to build and boost your confidence to achieve your goals, etc.

Business – We’ll cover business plans, technology, cutting costs in present day Nigeria and marketing

Contribution – This covers how to manage and give your time/talent/treasure to God, church, charity, etc.

Relationships – Areas like old friends, cold and forgotten relatives, forgiveness, will be dealt with.

Fun and Leisure – You will learn to live beyond the triangle, how to set 12 fun goals for the year, and so much more.

And I will personally help you to set and achieve goals in each of these areas. You will choose from any of these areas and we will work towards achieving your goals in that area together. I will help your gain clarity, provide you with resources, push connects and benefactors to you and more.

Once you can achieve success in that one area (I call it your breakthrough area) you should be able to achieve your goals in all other areas for the rest of the year.

How the Lessons will be delivered…

This is going to be a 5-day online class. Lectures and lessons will be delivered via Whatsapp as text, videos, images and Voice notes. There would be two batches of the course and for purpose of effective management and followup. I will only be able to take 30 participants for each of the batch.
Each participant can ask questions during the class and will get assignments they will submit the next day till day 5.

The class will hold on January 13th to 17th for 1st batch and January 20th to 24th, for the 2nd batch by 6pm – 8pm daily for 5 days.

After the classes there would be monthly support via email, facebook, whatsapp and other avenues for all participants.

You have to choose which batch you want to belong to and pay to reserve your seat now.

Bonus …

And as a Bonus for participating in the class you get to choose from any of the following

(1) How to Start an Online business with just N57,000
(2) How To write, publish and launch your very own book within 2 months with less than N100,000.
(3) Talents; 5 easy steps to use your talents [music, writing, acting] to earn income in 2020.
(4) How to build powerful (new) relationships with the rich, the powerful, celebrities and people around you.
(5) Health; Secrets of staying healthy and adding extra 10 years to your life.
(6) Real estate millionaire toolkit.

None of these courses/resources are less than N7,000 but any one you choose is free as your bonus.

The fee for registering for this 5-day online goal setting class is just N10,000 N5000. Yes! 5000 for a limited time only. Less than a month’s cable TV subscription or the total amount you spend on data, airtime or a date at Mr. Biggs for two.

This N5000 will help you achieve most of your dreams for the next 12 months. Click the below button to pay and register now

100% Money back guarantee…

Now here is the beautiful part about this my 5 days online course. You can request for a refund if you are unsatisfied with any of the lessons. Yes! Once you pay and we start the training and you feel for any reason that you have made a mistake or the lessons we are teaching are not adding value to your life. Simply tell me on the 2nd day and we’ll take you out of the Whatsapp class and refund you your money back.

So what are you waiting for? Register here now. Limited to 30 available spaces only (each batch).
Once you click on the link you will be taken to our payment page. Follow the instructions there to pay with your card or into our bank account and complete your registration.

Only you can decide if you want to create a (new) life for yourself. Register now and make 2020 better for yourself and your family.

Beat the economic wahala, overcome pain, scale road blocks and huddles and empower yourself with my help.
Doing the same thing over and over again, that doesn’t work is lunacy. You need to change strategy. You need help and a “benefactor”, you need my help. Register here now. Choose your batch, attend the lessons and change your life this 2020.

This will be the only time I organise this class this year. Once the 30 spaces for each of the batch is filled up, registration closes and no further payment will be accepted. The class will close until another time in 2021 when next I and my team might decide to bring it back.

Register now!

Warmly yours,

Francis Okaformbah
Author, How To Sell On The Internet, A to Z of Goalsetting
and 3 other non – fiction books
Siscomedia Ltd
FinTech Hub, Surulere, Lagos.

PS: Registering for this 5-days online course might be the best thing you will ever do for yourself in 2020. Nigeria is hard right now, you need new strategies, insights and a network of people with the same challenges and goals as you to succeed for the next 12 months. This online course will provide these resources for you.

PPS: N10000 N5000 is nothing compared to all the benefits and bonuses you will get from this course. Besides you are covered by my 100% Money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the value of the course content. Simply tell us at the end of the 2nd day and we’ll refund your money in full. We will not keep a kobo of your money. You have nothing to lose.

PPPS: This will be the first and last time this course will be held. Once the 30 spaces for each batch is filled that is it. The online class will be closed for the rest of the year. As I want to support and help the successful participants achieve their goals this year.