4 ways to integrate the internet into your current offline business (1)

4 ways to integrate the internet into your current offline business (1)


October 19, 2020

There are 4 ways I know you can integrate the internet into your current offline business (or hobby, if you have found a way to earn a living from it)
1. Price Comparison Site
2. Review Site
3. E-commerce Site
4. Online marketplace
I will explain 2 today.

Price Comparison Site:

Price has always been one of the deciding factors for consumers purchasing decision. Why not use it to sell and make more money? You could create a price comparison online shop. What your online price comparison shop will do is to compare prices and product features across different boards, markets or sites.
For example, if you sell different kinds of phones, what you’ll do is to write out their features and prices and place them on your price comparison site. Then compare the prices of your phones against those of others or even your competitors. Even if they offer prices lower than yours you can display several features or benefits you have over the competitors with a good Unique Selling Proposition like a money back guarantee or a product replacement guarantee.
Even at that, you can do affiliate arrangement with anyone of the people you place their products/prices on your site. So that if visitors click on those sites and go and buy from there. You get a commission from each sale. Using affiliate links and great records keeping, this can work.
With a price comparison site you can drive customers from online to several offline shops you have (or even those of your competitors too), as customers may simply end up using your site for research.

Review Site:

The second way is, an online review shop. An online review shop is a site where people do formal assessment or critical appraisal of all kinds or certain products and services, ranging from books to movies to electronics. For instance, I could set up an online review for different kinds of Air Conditioners and place them on a site. In the review I will highlight the pros and cons, and possibly compare prices with other Air conditioners.
If I sell Jewelry for instance. I can do a review site where I appraise all kinds of brands; Tiffany’s, Victoria secrets, etc or jewelry products like earrings, bangles, etc. I can give maintenance tips too and many more. Make it regular. Start by doing the reviews yourself, then later you can grow to hiring people to do the reviews for you, and, in no time, your visitors will be the ones submitting reviews to your site
Online review sites work so well because people are afraid of making mistakes. It’s called Buyers remorse. You know that feeling you get after you purchase a product and feel it was inferior or you were cheated in price. They won’t mind reading or looking up a particular product they want to buy on your review site before committing money. You can do reviews on food, clothes or even hotels.
A lot of people research on what to buy in stores, using the Internet, and if your review site gives them all the research they want, you get bookmarked and become their favorite authority figure for that product, service or market. They thus purchase more from you.
I don’t think there are a lot of people doing this in your business niche now. So it would be great to start now. Try these strategies /business models today.

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