3 ways to differentiate and become successful in Tech Business

3 ways to differentiate and become successful in Tech Business


December 7, 2020

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Chidinma was a below average OND student from a very poor background who loved chatting and browsing and took to connecting to people on social media, especially during her spare time. She also discovered that she was great at giving relationship advice and solutions. Starting from Facebook she began connecting and matchmaking her friends, then other young adults, this blossomed into several parties at school, then a website and full blown business. Fast forward several years later, Chidinma is now self-employed, happily married and successfully manages a dating, relationship and marriage counseling business.

Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can make a living via internet technology. A lot of young people are entering the Tech field partly due to the allure, ease of set up and money involved. These fields include blogging, social media, programming, podcasting and even 3D printing and FinTech.

But one needs to stand out from the crowd if you intend to make a real impact in any of these. Until you do little details carefully you will never do the big things correctly. Here are 3 ways to differentiate for success.

  1. Defy industry norms – There were lots of bloggers in the blogosphere before bellanaija. There were several programmers coding various financial web apps and solutions until piggybank (now piggyvest) came along. So to differentiate, you need to defy your industry’s norms. Change your entire business model; turn it on its head, go the opposite way, get dysfunctional. If you run a fashion tech based business for instance, why not pay or reward people to download your app or wear your designs? What of running a weightloss club where people save money as they loss weight?

Don’t discount these ideas yet. Many of the successful tech business we have now, defied the norms of the industry they entered. Take a sheet of paper now. Write down all the norms of the industry you are in now. And see how possible (and profitable) it would be to break each of those norms.

  1. Create a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Jay Abraham, defines a Unique Selling Proposition as, “… that distinct and appealing idea that sets your business, favorably apart from every other generic competitor.” I will prefer to use the word Unique Selling Point, it conveys a better understanding of this concept. A USP helps you differentiate and be more successful.

You see on the Internet it’s much easier to window shop, access product Information and then make buying decisions quickly unlike the offline world. But with a USP as a differentiating factor you will be able to stand out and subsequently be more successful. If you have a hard time understanding or figuring this out, simply use this analogy. What does the Nigerian police conjure up in your mind?…. What does your own tech brand conjure up in the mind of your average prospect?

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  1. Organize offline events: We know the mobile phone and internet are the next best things ever invented after pure water but we don’t live online. We eat, breathe, make love and shit (pardon my French) offline in the physical world. No tech has been invented yet to enable us do these electronically. So therefore organize physical real life events where readers of your blog for instance can come together and not only interact with you but also with other fellow readers. It could be a party, business conference or food eating contest. You can use tools like Eventsbrite.com

Don’t hide behind a computer all year. Meet up physically with your clients, readers, app users, etc periodically. Find unique ways to make the events memorable.

Let the world feel your brand. Take these ideas and use them. I am rooting for your success. What do you think about this? Please share, sharing is loving… Also sign up for weekly updates below.

By the way, you can pick up a copy of my book; How To Sell On the Internet to find more business ideas and models you can use to earn money from Tech.

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