Month: November 2020

You too can get desired results in 37days more or less with my goals challenge.

We are all aware of challenges and how trendy it is now to partake in one. there was the famous #Mannequin challenge, .#Dab challenge, #DontRush challenge, and most recently #DontLeaveMeChallenge. There have been lots of other social media or hashtag challenges you have joined in the past years. While these were fun and gratifying I don’t think they were really mentally challenging or helped you to achieve a goal or be a better person, improve your business.


November 17, 2020

How an Escrow service can help you do more business today

An escrow service is a sort of service that holds the payment for Miss A until the product or service gets to Miss B. Once Miss B is sure of the product; size, colour, function, etc. She instructs the escrow service platform to release the payment and it gets into the bank account of Miss A. The escrow service takes …


November 16, 2020