Month: September 2020

The real truths about making money from Digital marketing in Nigeria

For Instance do you know you can make money from your current skill or knowledge. Well! Depending on your competency, you might need to polish it a little. But all in all you can make money from your skill, a skill as simple as dancing. Can be turned to a money making venture by posting dance videos on a blog, social media app like Youtube or Tiktok….


September 18, 2020

Free How to sell on The internet book winner

A lot of people want to learn digital marketing and how to earn income from it. And thus every month I give out a copy of my amazing digital marketing book, how to sell on the Internet to my new subscribers. In the month of August, we tried a manual draw and it was great. A subscriber was chosen at random. Dr. Abodunrin Kolawole of a popular University in Ikorodu, Lagos state was the lucky one.


September 3, 2020