Ekwueme: How two subscribers got copies of my digital marketing books free

Ekwueme: How two subscribers got copies of my digital marketing books free


February 20, 2020

In my tribe in the Eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbos have a statement or praise nickname they give to people; Ekwueme! Ekwueme means in literal translation, talk and do and is a popular praise name given to anyone who says he will do something and goes ahead to do it as promised. You know in our society today talk is cheap.

I did Ekwueme some few weeks back. You see, sometime last month -January, I celebrated my birthday. I had the intention of giving out two copies of my book instead of one, to two lucky winners and I did. I even recorded a video and posted it on some of my social media handles


The video went viral. Kidding! It had a substantial number of views and lots of people subscribed to my list. And  on my birthday, like I promised, I randomly choose two winners – Ndidi Felicity and Samuel Ujunwa to be gifted my books.

They were so glad to be the chosen ones (see some pics below).


Not only is this gesture good when you talk in lights of PR or CSR but it shows that I keep my words. Many at times a lot of businesses, transactions and even relationships fail as a result of people not keeping to agreements. 

In the Power of Focus book, Jack Canfield and his co- authors points to the power of keeping agreements in this one statement, italics words are my emphasis. 

All broken relationships (whether business, family, work, friendship, health, romance or even dealings with your hairdresser), can be traced back to broken agreements. 

Think about it. Read it again, then pause and think …

True integrity is based on keeping the agreements or promises you make. If you don’t, problems, distrust and misunderstandings certainly arises. Don’t rush to make deals or be pressured or bullied into making them if you know you can’t keep them. And if you make an agreement, promise or deal and you can’t keep it, may be due to one constraint or the other- you know shit happens, go back and renegotiate. Most importantly always keep to your agreements.  You will be considered reliable and trust worthy.

Once more congratulations to Ndidi Felicity and Samuel Ujunwa kelechi, for winning copies of my books as my birthday giveaway. You too can win a copy of my book – the book costs N5000 ($13) each but I give out a free copy every month -If you subscribe to my blog. See subscription box below or on the side bar to the right.


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